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    We went to get the full sized yearling FF last Monday, got home late and they were stressed. Tuesday was a tough day, they didn't want anything to do with milking, but when DD2 came home that night and milked, it went ok. Wednesday--milking went well--they both milked at 4 lbs, which is what they were milking before we got them. The lady we got them from gave us some of their feed so we could move them over to our feed, DD started adding a small handfull of BOSS. Brown doe started increasing in milk by a cup a milking, black doe still at 4 lbs, but today brown doe is at 6lbs and black doe is at 5 lbs. Sometime this week, DD will add a little beet pulp also. They are about 3 weeks fresh. Right now they have some green grass in the pen that will be gone eventually, but they have nice green hay. Just leave their feed as it is, cause it is doing good-- or add more BOSS and beet pulp? Carolyn
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    Alfalfa, they need alfalfa. Pellets are less waste IMHO.

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    If they are being fed a good grain that doesn't contain alot of molasses and the goats are dong well, I don't see the need to change much. I like to feed a little BOSS with my grain, but I've never used beet pulp. Kathie
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    a small handfull of each BOSS and Beet pulp is enough per milking, BUT adding alfalfa pellets will really increase your milk volumn.