The last of Renada's colostrum is gone

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Cotton Eyed Does, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Cotton Eyed Does

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    I feel such a loss.... again. I had some colostrom that I had saved from Renada, the doe that I had to put down from a spinal injury a few months ago. Anyway, I used the last of her colostrom. When I would get in my deep freeze I would see it sitting there in the pop bottle, labeled Renada's Colostrom. It made me feel like part of her was still there. :/ Now I have used it on 2 kids, so in a way she helped me, and them, without her even being here. I sure do miss that girl. :down She was such a special, sweet friend. When I finished milking her she always had to get her face snugglies before she got down off the milk stand. I miss that. It is nice to know that I have her buckling and that part of her is in all of my babies. :biggrin
  2. Ravens Haven

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    I am so sorry, that you are feeling the loss all over again. I am glad that she will be living on through your beautiful buck. Just pick the kids up and hug them all.

    She may not be here in body but her spirit lives on.

  3. Sondra

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    Keep your chin up Chris just knowing you have her buck will help.
  4. MayLOC

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    aww...sorry you are missing her so. Enjoy those new kids and her special buckling.
  5. Kalne

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    I understand. We lost a goat tangled in the fence last year. One of our favorites, of course. I took all her milk that was in the fridge and froze it to make special soaps with. Still have some. :)