The best goat wormer & easiest way to administer it

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  1. Being new to goats, I have all kids & they come from different breeders that believe in different ways of worming. I would like to get opinions on what is the best wormer to give the kids, how often, & the easiest way to give it. Also is there one that takes care of tape worm? I worm my mini horses after the first frost for tape worm & would like to do the same for the goats. Any ideas?? Thanks! :D
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    I would purchase the Cydectin cattle pour on, and a weight tape from I would worm everyone monthly until 8 months old and then every 3 months until you learn to fecal. 1cc per 22 pounds given orally.

    Also get a tube of Safeguard for horses and give the kids 3 times the if they weigh 30 pounds give them enough for 100 pounds of horse. I wouldn't be using the Quest Plus just yet on kids...first by trying to hit the tape worm amount it's alot of overdose on the Cydectin ingredient, and too much overdose on drugs isn't good for the liver, but also will you then be able to use the lower dosages for HC worms?

    I also have never heard of using anything for tapes on horses in the winter...tapes are a spring summer worming. Sure you have your rotation correct? Or is it about first frost so you don't overwinter the mites in the barn pack? Vicki

  3. So what you are saying is that I would give them the cydectin & the safeguard all at one time? Seems like a lot of wormer.
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    yes that is what she is saying because cydectin doesn't get tapes so you need the safeguard .
  5. Ok, got it! Thanks so much! :lol