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    Everyday I come here and read the new topics. The info that I have learned here in the last year is huge. This last few days I have taken a interest in the topic G6S. I have a buck kid from April who is the very description of an "affected" goat. He started off very well. He had such promise up until about 3 months. From then on it seemed that I could never keep weight on him and he seemed to always catch anything that was going around that the other bucks never did. He has been treated many times for respiratory problems, he can't maintain his heat, I can't keep weight on him when the other bucks all look great. After fighting a simple cold and the low temps the last couple of nights the poor boy can not get up today. Last night he was at the feeder eating like normal.

    MY point in this is that although I am very bummed about Sherman, I do know that he would not make a good buck even if I did pull him through this again. Thanks to all the people that take the time to have the forum available. Just for the chance to have discussions about problems just as G6S. He sure fits the profile, although I won;t know for sure unless he is tested. I will be testing my other buck though and talking with the breeder that I got him from and let him know that he should test his buck.

    Thank you to everyone that makes this forum run.
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    Your welcome from all of us. We love our forum also!

    Test your kid, there is nothing worse than not knowing. Then if you choose to not use him, butcher him and use him to find out if you have undiagnosed pneumonia in him, or old cocci scarring.

    One of the reasons to have good discussion with the breeder you are buying your stock from is because something as simple as using cow colostrum, or colostrum from very young dams, it gives your kids who simply fail to thrive (this fail to thrive is a huge problem in some kids) they receive poor quality or simply not enough colostrum. Vaccinating becomes a huge issue in purchased stock, when you move them from long term herds with little to no problems into young herds with lots of goats from lots of different places. Or goats from the frozen north brought down into our southern parasite ridden pastures. You simply have to take this into consideration when making purchases. Stay away from folks who worm crazy, or who do other bizarre types of management that you can't possible reproduce, especially when it comes with no real science behind it. Lots of things can just be benign..vinegar in the water, not vaccinating....which you can fix yourself later.

    Always test your incoming stock...not normally would G6S be on the list of things needing to be tested for, but in this case with the problems you are having it can give you a piece of the puzzle. Besides being new, your kids condition will be blamed on your management until you have this test in hand. Vicki

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I will have to get blood soon as I don't know if he will make it long. For the last couple of months it has been one thing after another. He is such a sweet goat. My father in law, who is not an animal fan, even named him after himself.

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted this. It seems as I have been dealing with one problem after another.( not all have been my goats) After reading the G6S info it just seemed to put the puzzle together on this little guy. The description fit to a tee. It just shouldn't be this hard to keep a goat going. The other three bucks with him are doing great. Anyhow, not a good day.
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    Ah Jennie am so sorry the little guy is having problems again. Here's hoping he pulls thru for you.
    Yes I love this forum and all the info we can gather. With out Vicki and all on here I would have been lost years ago.
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    Thanks Sondra. He died yesterday. I had put him in the barn under a hear lamp earlier and had taken warm water to him wich he did drink some of. When I went out at about 5 he was gone. I had to check really good as he was curled up like he was sleeping. At least Dh didn't have to deal with him. He hates it when I call him at work and say "I got a job for you to do when you get home." He loves the animals too. I wish I would have read the G6S info sooner. I had decided that I wasn't going to use him this year as I didn't know if I wanted to pass his "look" along. I was going to wait untill next year and see if he grew into his problem. Now I have a better idea as to why it could have been that I didn't like what I saw. When the discription said slab sided ribs it rang a bell. After we tended to him Dh and I got to move around a 1000lb bale. ugh!
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    Jeanie, I am sorry that you went through this :sniffle