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    I just want to say thank you to everyone here. If it hadn't been for the wealth of knowledge and experience on this board I may have lost a kid (or maybe two) today.

    This morning when I went out to check on my doe Annabelle and her triplets who kidded yesterday morning, one of the bucklings (the smaller of the two) was down and cold. Since reading this board, I knew that I needed to get him in and warm and to get some milk into him. So instead of panicking, I wrapped him in my jacket, took him inside, got him on a heating pad inside a box and wrapped him in a towel. I sent one of my daughters out to milk his mom for some colostrum, and while she was doing that, I gave him some B vitamins and some fluids. Again, because of posts here, I knew I needed to warm them so he didn't need to spend energy warming them and I had ordered some of the grey caprine lambar nipples from Caprine Supply just in case I needed to make a small feeder for any bottle babies we might happen to get, so I had those on hand (which is a good thing because the pop bottle nipples I had didn't fit the one water bottle I could find).

    So we tubed him, and just let him warm up on the heating pad. Much interest was shown by our cats. :D I'll have to post some pictures. After a couple of hours, he sat up, started crying for some milk, passed a BM, and drank down about twice as much milk as I got down him when I tubed him (probably 500 mL or so). I kept him inside a bit longer on the heating pad just to make sure he was warm enough and when he wanted more milk and started wanting to move around, I took him back outside. He stood up and walked around, nosing at his sibs, and looked completely normal.

    Annabelle, however, is acting extremely silly and bucky with another of my does, who is quite close to kidding, and her udder is huge and tight, and it's hard for the kids to latch on, so I milked her a bit and got some milk into the doeling, who was looking and acting a bit weak. She kept trying to find a teat, but just didn't seem able to, but she perked up after I got some milk into her.

    So, thank you for all the great advice that's available here. :D

    -- Wendy
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    Hi Wendy. I'm so glad your babies are doing so well now. :D I myself am so greatful for this site and the knowledgable people here. I am always doing research on something here. It is the greatest place to be.


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    I'm glad your babies are doing better. I check my doe's udders all the time to be sure they don't get too full or uneven. They start coming into the milk room right away, even when they are raising kids. I've found that sometimes I have to help the babies latch onto the teats the first day or two. After that, they usually have the hang of it. Kathie
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    Wendy you may need to feed these babies more too until they get the hang of it. I have one of triplets out there now 3 days old and she is dummer than a rock, still can't find the teat.
    Yep without Vicki and others on here years ago my goats would all be dead. Wonderful bunch with very good advice.
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    It seems the more you think you know...the less you really do know. I've learned a lot from here in the last month or so...not that I knew everything before that but probably would have called myself somewhat experienced. :blush2