Tetanus Vaccinations

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    This is just a friendly reminder to all, to keep your Tetanus vaccinations up to date. And if you have an animal that gets an open wound, give Tetanus Antitoxin if you don't know vaccination status. The vaccine is just too cheap to take the chance. The reason for this reminder is, I have a friend who called, that just lost a 2 week old Brangus heifer to Tetanus. This calfs' mother was a first calf heifer and paralysed during birth, so the calf was at the mercy of some kind of varmints that chewed her up. Her ears were chewed, she had bites along her spine, and her tail switch was chewed off. I reminded this friend that she should give her a Tetanus shot, but she forgot. When she started drooling, having muscle spasms, and becoming uncoordinated, they took her to the vet, who thought it best to put her down. They sent her head in for Rabies testing, just in case whatever chewed her up, was rabid, but the test came back negative, so she was relieved that her farm won't be quaranteened. Tetanus is a horrible way to die, and after experiencing a case of it in a disbudded kid, and also a 2 week old calf, it made a believer out of me to vaccinate.
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    Very good advice Janie! Vicki

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    "Tetanus is a horrible way to die" AMEN and do not forget to take care of such things as making sure as not using old, opened too long in the fridge bottles as well.
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    Wow, I guess I never thought of the goats getting Tetanus. I am learning so much on this forum.
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    Yep Thanks Janie I learned the hard way last spring!!