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    I purchase a milk goat and her baby. They will be coming in a week or so. What type of testing should I do on her, do I test her milk before using it? I am new to goats and I would appreciate any information that would help me care for my goats. I also would like to know if there are ones around the Cleveland TX area that provide services that one would need in caring for goats, like testing for worms, trimming the feet, giving shots, etc:
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    I know the Carlson gals....well I will let Katie volunteer her services herself :) :) :)

    Kenny Ritchie 936-232-8327 She does herd health management around here, trimming feet, vaccination, disbudding, castration, summer shaving and show fitting. Her prices are about $5 per service, plus gas if you only have a few goats. Plus she is fun and easy to learn from also. I have known her for years, we used to run to shows together back when our kids were small, now our grandkids are small :) She works monthly for me here.

    You can take poop into the vet for a fecal to run, while you learn to do this yourself. Also learning to draw your own blood...perhaps Katie could come out and teach you :) I know Kenny doesn't do vet procedures like that.

    I would test your new goat for CAE. Use PAVL the info on the lab is on goatkeeping 101. Ask the gal you are buying to goat from if she knows how to pull blood, I think she does...that way she could pull the blood as she drops off the doe, then you can ice it, and ship it to PAVL...it will also tell you the info on the nursing doeling. Also call Dr. Glass at PAVL and see if they still do fecal tests for worms and cocci.

    Some no matter whats.....have the gal you are buying from bring you some wormer to give her the weekend after the move, some for the kid also. Then you could just fecal to see if you will need to worm. With a few goats and new property it will take awhile as long as the doe has good immunity, and doesn't start with a runny nose etc....you likely won't have to worm much at all.

    Milk is milk. A doe shows quickly illness that could harm her milk supply. Nice that her daughter will be nursing to help you keep the udder empty...the number one thing new folks don't do is milk the udder all the way out, so the goat milks less and less until she is nearly dry.

    Have the gal you are buying from trim her feet while you watch so you won't have to bother her with that for a month.

    Change her feed and hay over slowly...and don't keep switching things around with each new piece of information you hear. Visit the farms of those you are going to get management from...especially when it comes to herbal wormers, the not feeding of alfalfa in any form, sweet feeds etc. Look at their stock, even on the interent, make sure it's what you want your stock to look like.

    Welcome to the forum and to goats and to Nubians!!! And come up for a visit. vicki

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    Hi and WELCOME!! and your best goat mentor around is Vicki