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    I'm looking for teat dip suggestions - I've gone back and re-read the mastitis prevention in 101 several times and think I need to change my method this year -pre-milking -been using baby wipes and very dilute iodine (dilute compared to what Ken posted) and then Fight Bac after.

    Does anyone use any the products from Hamby or can suggest something specific as far as a brand-don't think I can find anything local so will have to order from somewhere.

    I've been making lists today of everything I don't have or haven't done - argh!!! kids start Mar 4 and I'm not ready!!!!

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    From Fiasco Farm's web page:

    You need to wash your doe's udder before you milk her and dip her teats after. You can buy all kinds of products to do this with, but I have found it's cheaper and easier to use bleach (Clorox). Bleach is very effective in controlling and preventing mastitis (an inflammation of the mammary gland caused by bacteria). And interestingly enough, I have found that my homemade bleach wash made with Clorox is gentler on my doe's udders them commercial products. I have not had a case of "udder pox" or mastitis since I've started using Clorox udderwash/teat dip. Please do not use cheaper bleach for the wash, it will be harsher on your and your doe's skin.

    Make only enough of this wash/dip for each milking. It does not keep. The bleach disperses fairly quickly and you can't guarantee the mixture's sanitizing strength/ability after a few hours. To make an udder wash/teat dip just mix:

    * 1 oz (2 T) of bleach (Clorox only)
    * one quart of water
    * a drop of blue Original Formula Dawn dish detergent (DO NOT use any other formula!)

    I like to use the blue, Original Formula, Dawn dishwashing detergent, it's the best I have found. Like Bounty paper towels, I'd never use anything else. Dawn (the blue, original formula) is safe to mix with bleach. You must be very careful when mixing bleach with other products because toxic vapors can result.

    To use, wash your doe or cow's udder well with your udder wash and dry with a disposable paper towel (Bounty) . Never place a "soiled" towel back in the wash. This will help keep the wash clean and reduce the risk of spreading any "nasties" from animal to animal. Milk the doe or cow. Now, dip her teats. For a teat dip cup I use disposable 3 oz. "Dixie" cups I buy at Sam's for $5 for 500. I'm not usually a big fan of disposable things, but when it comes to milking, disposable can be a good thing. Disposable means less chances of spreading any contaminates that may be lurking and waiting to spoil your milk or give your doe mastitis. You can use the same cup for all the does you are milking at that time. Dip the teats in the teat dip and let "air dry".

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    Thanks Rose - I'm familiar with this site -I know bleach solution is what some use and it works well for them but I prefer not to use bleach any more than I already do for sanitizing- It really irritates my skin.
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    I use Blockade 1% Iodine teat dip made by West Agro. It is an excellent teat dip and I highly reccommed it after using it successfully in my herd for the past few years.

    Sorry, I can't help you with mixing your own iodine teat dip. I would think it would be very drying unless you added glycerin to it.

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    Thanks Sara - I was actually using a concentrate 'udder wash' and mixing it according to directions but when I read what was said about the ratio to water I figured it probably wasn't doing much good anyhow. Thanks for your suggestion - that's what I'm looking for is something proven.
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    Yep I use an iodine dip from Hamby's.

  7. Ginger,

    I think that if you are wanting a proven dip then look around and see if there is a dairy store in your area. I know a few that are in AR, most places sell the EcoLab products. I have had great luck with them all from ecolab. The one think I would say that if bleach causes your skin to break out then stay away from the "winter" type dips. Most of them have a acid mixed in with them and they cause my skin to break open.

    The dips that I have used and loved is 1% iodine with a 10% emoillents mixed in. Blockade to me is one of the best dips that is out on the market right now that is wasy to get from companies.

    One thing that you might look into find a near by dairy farm and see what they are using. I have sold dips before out of our 55 gallon drum to people that just need a little dip at a time. I think that the most we charged was like 10 bucks for a gallon. That is one thing that you need to make sure with dips...the highest is not always the best when it comes to good dips.

    There is a mixture that you can use to get a good dip. Its 1 pint of cholohexidine, 1/2 pint of glycerin, mixed with enough water to produce a gallon. That was a very common dip back in the 80's when there was not that many dips to pick from. I know a few people that are still using it since its not that high of priced and they have had great luck with it.

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    There is a dairy supply store on Hwy 65 at Damascus. If you're ever down that way...you might want to stop in and see what they have.

    Every time I go by there....I want to stop, but am usually on a schedule. Some milk coop. ACGA I think is the name of it. I know I think of ADGA everytime I see one of their dairies.