Tattooing at 7 months?

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  1. The guy who has done most of the Bang's vaccinating and tattooing for our herd does a fantastic job. They occassionally bleed he digs it in so deep.
    They go in the left ear in the middle and our tattoo goes above the Vacc. tattoos. Except in the case of one heifer. Had a new vet do them this year and she screwed up on the tattoo...gotta remember that when I have her identified. Her herd tattoo will have to go in the right ear.
    With our cows that tattoo is the only proof on the animal itself. We don't have the tags put in. They are in a

    I've only tattooed a few goats so far. I've done five or six and four of those are
    I was checking out a doe's ear this past Winter and I said what is that? She was one I had, nice and clear, I was pleased.
    There are two boys out there that really should have been done before I sent the papers

    Our calves are rarely done before being registered/identified.

    I have a lot of tattooing to catch up on. I know all the goats apart right now, but it will be easier if they have tattoos as well...
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    My disbuding box is now used by Carolina Wrens to raise their young. They just love that platform on the inside to give their wings a good workout before fledging! :/
    As for disbuding the kids, I hold and DH burns.. surprise! he's actually very good at it! :rofl When tattooing, we reverse roles, he holds & I tattoo.

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    Thanks Ken and Roseanne. I did leave the middle space open for the vet tattoo, I put my tattoo up high...I was just being, I know to do it. :D
    He did use green ink but it was that crappy roll on...I'll take my paste when he does the heifer!
    I also told him not to put the tags in the ear...they're in her folder with papers. We had a bunch of bull calves, from one dairy, that had the metal tags. Every one of them got infected and we ended up throwing 250# calves and taking them out. Now, we take them out upon arrival!

    We plan to torture her tomorrow and disbud/tattoo, so I can get her papers turned in.

    The only reason I do tattoos before I send in papers....I usually screw up if I send the papers in and then tattoo! Then have to re-send the papers for tattoo fix. (where's that rolly eyes thing).
  4. OMGosh is she a little wary? LOL!
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    When I had Toggs I put them in a disbudding box for tattooing and disbudding while they were little. The LaManchas I let them get to 6 or 7 months old, if I can, then put them in the stanchion to do . That's the only thing I don't like about the LM I'd rather do ears then tails. :nooo :D
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    Around here, I get DH to hold kids and I burn heads and then tattoo -- get it all over at the same time. I'd like to find a disbudding box that really works -- any suggestions?

    I did a bunch of yearling does once -- they were actually easier than the kids! Just put them on the milk stand, pinned their heads to the side, and did them. Not as much screaming either :)