Swollen Vulva w/ pics.

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Faithful Crown Nubians, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. At feeding time this evening I noticed some hay/straw stuck to Georgia's vulva. I decided to check and make sure she was ok and this is what I saw.
    Sorry the pics aren't that good. Not good lighting and she kept moving so it made it harder.

    I used some water and cleaned her up. And started investigating. She has a couple cracks/scratches above the vulva that leads down to the opening. I got her cleaned up and parted the sides and looked at the inside area and she has a sore on the top part.
    I am going to take her temp, she felt awful warm when her ears brushed against my hand when I got her on the stand.

    Should I just keep an eye on her, if she doesn't have a temperature? Or can I put something on her?

    Thanks, I'm going to go take her temp.
  2. Chaty

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    When did she kid? also it could be a bite of some kind and she has been rubbing it on the fence. If she hasnt kidded lately thne its probably a bite of some kind and maybe infected. Tough call..

  3. She never has kidded. Never been bred.

    Her temp is normal.

  4. BlueHeronFarm

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    Sometimes their normal (heat or whatever) discharge or any less than perfect poo can get stuck to their tail, dry there and then rub the vulva until it forms a sore like that. Or hay can stick straight to any discharge on the vulva and rub.

    We get that in recently fresh does. I just try to clean everything with warm soapy water to get the crust off and I give them a wipe a day with a teat wipe, too - to keep it from getting worse and/or infected.
  5. Sondra

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    wash good and pat dry keep watch on it without a temp wouldn't give antibiotics myself.