swollen teats on buck

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  1. I think I posted on this during breeding season BUT they are STILL swollen. Any ideas??
  2. Melissa

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    precocious udder?


  3. Sondra

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    yep some people have to milk them.
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    Bucks can also get mastitis. Can you give more information? I don't remember your post and since this is your first post on this forum, it must have been made on the old forum. Both teats or one? Are they warm to the touch? What is the texture - soft, firm? How is the buck acting and feeling? Is he sick? What is his temp? How long has this been going on?

    We really need more information if you want us to help.

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    Need more info.
    Are the teats hard? I had a masectomy done on one side of my 5yr. old Toggenburg buck. I had been getting away with just milking him every 4-6 days through last yrs. breeding season...but he developed mastitis and a hard tumor like mass on one side. I treated him through the mastitis but the tumor became large enough to cause him difficulty in walking.

    *Milking bucks* are quite common in heavy milking lines. Usually, you can get by with just milking them. But, be very careful about him developing mastitis...it can kill them.
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    You know,, You just never know what you are going to learn on this forum. :D

    Never heard of it, never knew about,, But now I do.

  7. Ashley

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    Oh my

    Do y'all make sure nobody's watching when you milk your bucks?

    What do you do with the milk?!
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    It's wonderful in cereal or when used to make cheese.


    Just kidding, dump it of course. Buck milk just isn't my thing. :lol

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    Hi Marylou nice to see you posting!!!

    It's and aphrodisiac and supposed to be a wonderful Viagra type med for men :) It is sold in other countries for alot of money.

    My Easy Stream bloodlines milked. I had also never heard of it until Eric came down ill, and I had no idea where his temp was coming from. With my vet here she found his swollen teats, one mastitic. He nearly died. I dry cow infused him each year from that point forward, and he was fine. It's actually alot more common than you would think. And yes it runs in families. Vicki
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    I had a lamancha buck whose teats were swollen like he had milk in them. I didn't milk him but I made sure that they didnt feel hard like mastitis. He dried off within a month or so. But his daughter that I freshen milked a lot and she was the second highest producer in my herd and she was a yearling. But I believe he started to develop an udder at either 1 1/2 or 2 years. So I will have to wait to see if his son will do the same thing.
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    So do those of you who vaccinate your does with Lysign also vaccinate your bucks?
  12. OK Sorry I didn't give much info. His teats are both swollen, Not really rock hard. I tried to see if any thing would come out but nothing did. Boy did he rear up at me after I pulled that! :lol They are not hot to the touch, He is acting fine, eating peeing & pooping fine & pestering his wether buddy like always. thats why I hadn't thought to check him in a while, I didn't check his temp yet, will do that tommarow. been busy with doe delivering LaMancha twins. ( Any one interested in a nice LaMancha buckling??) :D Well better get to bed. I will post his temp. in the morning. Thanks all!!!!
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    Congratulations on your new babies. Are both dam and sire out of Eileen's lines? As for the buckling, you might ask Barb, Karen or Paulette. When do your Nubians start kidding?
    Now you got me wondering if I should check Gabriel's teats. I'm really not too thrilled at the idea of crawling under that smelly boy to check. He's really grown. Though he's big, he's been really easy to lead to the does fro breeding.
  14. Hi Kathy, The new vet is in Whitehall. His number is 287-3333 Cory Tebay is his name. Yep I'm kidding early this year. thought I had a couple does sold last fall and then it didn't happen but I had already bred them for her. WON'T do that again!!!! So I ahve 5 does bred. 2 Nubians and Elisha's LaMancha doe have kidded already. Grace is due Monday and Shanna is due a week later then I'm done! :sigh :crazy These LaMancha babies come from really good lines (Eileen's) And WOW is she a dream to milk! Long teats and a very soft udder. :D
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    Sounds like you did well with the La Mancha doe. Barb bought a buck from her. He made really nice babies with nicely attached udders, but I recall one having rather small teats. Eileen does have wonderful goats. I should get up to your place after your last does kid. I'd love to see your Obediah daughters' udders. Shonna should give me an idea of what Gabriel is doing for my herd. His first daughter is due in April.