Superior Semen Works Spring Collection and Sale

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    Geoff and Nancy has posted this. Thought someone might be interested in it.

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    Superior Semen Works will be offering 10-30% off all
    semen sales starting today and running through March
    31st. Our sale will give you the opportunity to
    introduce the top genetics in the country to your
    breeding program.

    Listed below is a sample of what you will find when
    you visit us online at

    Gauge genetics: Uncle Doc #B844, Vindicator #B747,
    Cash Reward #B698, Total Damage
    Gunsmoke genetics:2DOX RRD T617 (DOC) #B817
    Remington genetics:CEO1 Lethal Weapon #B813, RRD P660
    IKE #B343, Remfire #B473,
    Cannon genetics: 2DOX/AABG Bold Rush #B828
    Topbrass genetics: DCW Bo-Jangle #B745
    EGGS genetics: DCW Cobra #B407,DER R202 "Outlaw"
    B408,EGGScelerate #B69, JRRJ
    Southern Belle's Storm #B330, BMW
    Rio ORO #B206,DER War Paint #B436
    JRP TY genetics: JRP Neurton #B589, Windy Hills
    #B459, TY II #B846

    We are putting together our Spring Collection Tour
    now. If you have bucks that you would like to have
    collected by Superior Semen Works and they will be
    actively breeding please let us know and we will find
    a collection stop closest to you.

    We continue to carry a complete line of artificial
    insemination supplies and liquid nitrogen tanks. Check
    with us before you buy!

    Thank you for your time and we hope you all have a
    good weekend.
    Take Care
    Geoff and Nancy Masterman
    Superior Semen Works
    42 Good Hope Church Road
    Adamsville TN 38310

    Geoff and Nancy Masterman
    Superior Semen Works
    Bucyrus OH
    603 512 5546 Cell