STD's in virgin does?

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    Is it possible for first time does to carry STD's? I am thinking that it is not likely, but want opinions from others more experienced. Thanks.
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    My answer would be no....but with a little ponder....

    This was actually a converstation nearly turned into a screaming match at Texas A&M between some vets and the reproductive specialist at the time when I was fighting mycoplasma in my herd, first in abortions and then in mastitis 1991. She said yes that I should not keep doelings out of these does who when treated were keeping the pregnancy to the end and kidding out, because they would freshen with mycoplasma, the 3 men said no.

    We now know that kids who nurse dams with staph mastitis will freshen with staph mastitis in their udders, some even coming down with mastitic udders before being if doelings nurse moms with mycoplasma mastitis could they then be infected to pass this onto the buck breeding them and onto all other does he has bred? Would make a good study this winter :) Sorry I am busy :)

    I would be much more worried about what the does had the buck bred, before he bred these virgin does, than the virgin does themselves. Vicki

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    I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but syphilis in rabbits (also called VD) can be passed from the infected doe to her kits during kindling. It makes the doe kits carriers that can give it to a clean buck when no symptoms are seen, however bucks usually show symptoms, even if they are never used for breeding. For rabbits, effective treatment is VERY simple AND inexpensive - dual acting Penicillin injection once a week for three weeks CURES the disease, and then they can be used for breeding without just masking symptoms like a topical would. Many show vendors sell a topical PenG paste that is great for cuts or abrasions, but it only masks the scabs of VD when used on the genitals.

    Does this sort of thing happen with goats?

    Never hurts to learn something new!

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    I honestly think the major causes of STD's in goats would be Chlymidia, mycoplasma, Q-Fever,etc... These can affect doelings, as well as adults. Penn is not effective in the treatment. Oxytetracyclines are used in the cure and treatment in abortion storms caused by STD's.