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    Hi, as it has been shown to me on here, that I had best not heed the advice given to me by the woman I bought the goats from, who won't answer my calls or emails anyways.... :/ I need to find out preferable and accurate ways of looking after them. Where can I find a book or website that is recommended that will go right back to basics. ie. when a kid is born, give them this, on this day, by this method....(kind of like Goats for Dummies.) I would like a very simply written starting point for vaccinations, common illnesses, hoof trimming etc.
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    Go to GOAT KEEPING 101 here on the forum. That is the best goat keeping for dummies book ever! :D
    I'm really sorry that you have had such bad things happen starting out. But at least after all this, things can only get better. I got a calendar with a month-at-a-glance and a day-by-day section. That has helped me a bunch. Time can really fly and it's easy to get behind on vaccines and cocci prevention and such.

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    I have a spreadsheet that I downloaded from somewhere (I'll try to figure out where I got it from). It helps me tremendously. You can add as many goats as you need to, enter their DOB and it automatically calculates when meds, vaccines, etc. are needed (spreadsheet is for kids). Of course, you have to open it up and look at it for it to be effective. ;)

    I have a couple of books for beginners that I really don't recommend. Goatkeeping 101, From Birth to Kidding, plus all the other topics really does cover everything. And you can always ask the forum as they have been very helpful to me. Like you, I have not started out very well either, but it's not impossible.

    Good luck.
  4. I also second or third lol the goat keeping 101. There's alot of GOOD information!
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    Do yourself a favor and break the information down into categories and sub categories. Then print them out and put in a binder. Tab everything so you can make easy reference. Goat Keeping 101 has it all in there, sometimes you will run into something different and can reference it in your book. We go to various university sites for information as well.
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    Goat Keeping 101 on this site. Go there and read,read,read.
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    I use a calander and also keep a breeding page (bred on this date will kid on that date or come back into heat on another date. I keep everything on it.

    Say Mary kids May 1st, I write it down with the number of kids, then count ahead 10 days an write, worm Mary. For the kids I count ahead 6 weeks and 9 weeks and write down vaccinate Mary's kids #1, and #2. Also doing corid day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 starting at 3 weeks and also worm...they get checked off as they are done. The first of each month I trim feet, so alot of space is taken up with weights of kids, fecal numbers, poundage of milk if I am weighing milk on Mondays etc. And info on my bucks since my friend trims their feet once a month.

    In my showbook, where all my pedigrees and super important things are kept, the only things kept forever on thier health sheets behind their pedigrees are..who they are bred to, tattoo numbers of kids, how many in the litter, and illness and true disease or other vet things, like CAE tests, stitches etc...which are copied off my calender onto their records if it is something I want to remember or may be of interest to someone if they buy her. There is less an less of this information forwarded as you realize it's meaningless :) I can tell you the milker you are buying didn't have anything important happen in her kiddings, because nothing is written down :)

    My paper in goatkeeping 101 could be a start for you, but it's so overkill with how north you live, we are all about parasites of all kinds, everything has to be about prevention to succeed. It would be just a good start and nothing more. Vicki
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