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  • I personally thought their teat size was kind of small and a bit hard to milk.
  • Do you think that if I were to train the Nubian to behave on the milk stand at a young age, and get her used to being touched down there, that she would be easy to handle?
Nigerians' teats are a real inconvenience for hand milking, but their body size makes it much easier to train to a stand. They have a phenomenal udder capacity for their size, but teats the size of a cat's. I value manners over teat size. Anyhow, YES:love: if you were to stand train a Nubian doeling, I'm sure she'd be a dream. Start early!

As I'm sure you know, goats are herd animals, keeping them happy and healthy usually means having more than one. You could always have one of each ;)
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