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    I am new to making cheese and have a couple of questions. I have read the FAQ's and did not see these things listed.

    Some cheese recipes say use pasteurized milk while others do not specify. If the recipe does not say, do you pasteurize or not? I know unpasteurized milk is better for you, but I wonder if the same applies when making cheese. I know cheese involves growing bacteria, but I don't want to grow the wrong kind!!

    Also, I got cheesecloth at the store and noticed it is very very loosely woven. I also have muslin. Can I use the muslin, or if I use the cheesecloth, should I use several layers?

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    I only use raw milk for cheesemaking. If you use pasteurized milk make sure that it is not ultra pasteurized (heated at a very high temp) Heat not only kills bacteria, it changes the structure of the milk.

    You should use muslin for cheesemaking. Do not use the gauze cheesecloth. It is not for cheese it is for making jelly.