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  1. ChristinaF.

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    Hi All,

    I'm curious what you all use to keep records for your herd and individual goats. Do you know of a computer software that is user friendly or do you all just stick with the good old notebook and calendar?

    I want to make sure that I'm managing our little herd as conscientously as possible and I'm seeing that the more there are, the more important it is to keep written records.

    What have you all found works the best?

  2. Anita Martin

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    I have a special goat notebook where I keep records on every goat, but I also carry a day planner every where I go and I write down important things in it like breeding dates, wormings, etc. I write them down while I'm thinking about them, that way, say I am at the feed store, and can't remember if I need wormer or whatever, I can look and see when I wormed last and with what. Plus, I like to have everything written down in more than one place. My goat book is the "official" spot, and my day planner contains lots of notes. I also write things on a paper that hangs on my fridge. Such things as hoof trimming, worming, breeding dates along with expected dues dates, heats, etc. That way I can look at those things every day, and not be surprised with a kid I had forgotten was due. ( I am an extremely busy person and completely unorganized except for this habit)

  3. goatkid

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    I have a spiral notebook in which I write breeding dates, heat dates and other goat related things including phone numbers of milk and goat customers. I get one of those small Cow/Calf herd books for each year, in which I record kid births, dam, sire and tattoo numbers. I have a dry erase board in my milking room where I have listed all the does and doelings. On it I can write things like who is being milked and how many times per day. I also write when I trim hooves. I have a calandar in my kitchen on which I write things like vet appts and the girl's due dates. Kathie
  4. coso

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    I use this software it will let you put down vaccination dates. Will make breeding reports and individual reports you can put a pic with the pedigree etc...
  5. Agape Oaks

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    I use Ranch Manager Goat edition
    It's easy to use, does everything I want, figures expenses/ profit , due dates, any dates you treat them for anything, makes pedigrees, records show wins. I've emailed the developer & he's working on adding milk production recording to it. I downloaded & tried out a lot of differnt ones & this was what I prefer. I do have some paper & pen in the milk room so I can jot things down while I'm there, but then I transfer it into the computer program
  6. blackthorn

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    I use dairylive and it's great-however they all have 2 faults that I can see:
    #1 you have to actually type the info into the program (well duh!), I hate writing pages of hard copies while in the barn or having reams of milk records and then having to type them up, which means I don't do it very often which means it's an even bigger job *sigh*
    #2 you have to enter any animals appearing in a pedigree into a record (they get their own record within the program)-this is a pain when you may never need to use that animals details again like in a 5 generation pedigree, I'd much rather type in the grand and great grands save the pedigree and not have to do a permanent record for each one.
    But that's just me.
  7. Odeon

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    I have an excel spreadsheet that I track my info on (breeding, kidding, vaccinations, etc) I also use my monthy DHIA sheets to record breeding dates, kidding dates and info.

    Ken in Idaho
  8. Goat Land

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    We use Ranch Manager Goat edition too. We like it a lot. It is very easy to use!!

  9. AprilB

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    I'm working on writing a program to track this information and some other stuff - do you all have features that you don't have that you would like to see in the software you currently use?