Soap Bar Shrinkage

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by VickiLynne, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. VickiLynne

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    I haven't noticed much shrinkage in size while my soap is curing/drying. But I'm new and haven't made tons of batches. Does anyone know just how much it shrinks, if any, and do you make up for that in calculating the size of your bars?

    Vicki in NC
  2. kidsngarden

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    It shouldn't shrink all that much, like an eighth of an inch all around MAYBE for a well cured bar - probably more like a 16th even. But it depends too on how much liquid you used in the beginning. I weigh mine after 6 weeks and use a little less than that as the weight on my labels. My bars are just shy of 5 oz so I put "over 4.5 oz net wt." on my labels. Plus there's a variance for the fact they are handcut which yeilds fairly uniform bars, but not exact.