So, what is the most goats that you have milked by hand

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Qvrfullmidwife, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Qvrfullmidwife

    Qvrfullmidwife New Member

    We havent bothered to get the milking machine hooked up yet (cant really, we dont have a place to) so we are milking 14 by hand. I was just wondering how many goats y'all have milked by hand?
  2. Cotton Eyed Does

    Cotton Eyed Does New Member

    11 and my hands were killing me. My milking machine wouldn't work one COLD morning. Oil was thick or something and it tripped the breaker when it wouldn't turn over. Anything over 3 is too much for me to hand milk. My hands start cramping up after that.

  3. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    16 and my hands just couldn't take it. And I didn't have a bunch of little hands to help either :rofl
  4. LynninTX

    LynninTX New Member

    10 right now... 12 I think last yr... could hit 18 briefly this yr...
  5. hehe only 1. I was hoping for 3 this year but oh well.
  6. trnubian

    trnubian New Member

    14 and my hands were killing me.... ;)
  7. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    7 has been easy for me. More than that would take too much time.

    I have friends that milk 24 -- 12 each -- and have done so for an age.
  8. I milked five today, but once and most of them were cleaned out by their

    I could milk 20 like Elegance with ease I think. I just love her teats and udder!. I milked her yearling daughter out of our Senior herdsire for the first time today and she has wonderful hand milking teats, too.
    The four year old Saanen on the other hand....her teats are still tiny and she has soo much milk and my hands hurt with her big time. I don't get close to the 6 pounds I was getting from Elegance and it took probably 1/6 the time to milk Ele than it does Beautiful.
  9. Ravens Haven

    Ravens Haven New Member

    23 and that was 20 too many. I am milking 7 right now by hand and I have two milk machines, go figure...
  10. Kalne

    Kalne New Member

    14 though we may top that this year. We have 2 dc that do the milking in the a.m. and another 2 do the evening.
  11. Narrow Chance

    Narrow Chance New Member

    I milked 19 by hand... after a few of those 'jersey cows' you get to thinking milking machine. I got one.. but still milk a few by hand.
    Haven't hooked up the machine yet this year.. but it's on my to do list. Milking 9 by hand now.
  12. Truly

    Truly New Member

    I did seven last year. There will be 8 this year unless one sells b4 the last has kidded.
  13. I did nine, twice a day by myself last year. My hands got pretty sick of it by the 8th or 9th month of it. This year I'm only milking six (getting ready to add two more next week) that's about my max. (got a new milking machine.. trying NOT to use it, until I get the new milking parlor built)
  14. New Member

    36, but had evening and weekend help, and we had a milking machine off and on when a local dairy didn't use theirs. And I was 15 years younger :) and much less lazy and more motivated. Now I swear I am going to die just having to hand milk a couple. My milking machine is humming with the first doe kidding! Other than an end of the world type scenerio, I wouldn't have goats if I had to hand milk. Vicki
  15. Kaye White

    Kaye White Guest


    At one time, I think top count was 32, I STUPIDLY offered to take care of a friend's does while he did taxes-CPA and tax season ended April 15th...ugh!! NEVER since or again!

    Right now, 1 and I keep telling is not worth hooking and cleaning the machine...over and over!!! But, you can bet...the next one kids, I'm HOOKING IT UP! 2nd freshener with little bitty teats!!
  16. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    well, it's a case of "you never miss what you never had" with me and a milk machine. most I've milked is 3 but I didn't have too many problems.
    I guess I've never reached my "peek". I'll let you know in a few years. lol.

  17. KUrby

    KUrby Guest

    I got you all beat! a big fat 0 :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin
    Sorry I had to go there.
  18. Sheryl

    Sheryl New Member

    I'm doing 9 and it's killing me. I have an old Mic Lawyer milking machine that has been through several owners. It worked one season for me, then quit. I paid about 7 or 8 hundred for it. Then I paid another $400. for it to be worked on. It worked for a month and now it doesn't work. The motor runs, but there is no vaccum. It has a couple of filter things that screw in to the end of the motor and those are gone. It has a big ole heavy tank. I don't even know if the gage still works. It runs, but it don't have any suction :(

    So I keep milking 9 by hand. Most of them are okay, except this one sannen who has tire titties and they are little. you squeeze and squeeze and nothing comes out. arrggghhh.

  19. goatkid

    goatkid New Member

    I think I was milking 13 at one point last year after we weaned all the kids. The 14th doe got to keep her kid on her till she dried up. If everyone freshens this year, we will have 20 does in milk. Some of them will have to raise their babies if I am to get to work on time in the morning. I am getting arthritis in my hands and some days they are sore even when I'm only milking one. As for how many I've milked at one time, probably around 25. This is when I've brought some of my does to my friend's house the day before we leave for a show. I'll sometimes do both mine and hers. She has a fancy commercial dairy setup, so we can bring 10 in at a time, but the machine isn't set up, so we milk by hand. Kathie
  20. cmharris6002

    cmharris6002 Guest

    I got up to 8 and bought a couple milking machines :lol
    I am milking 5 by hand now, for me machine milking is only worth it for 6 or more.