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    and how to read it:

    I have to say I really sort of wonder on the Tallow and Lard (rancid) by smell information. Alot of folks who simply don't like soaping with animal fats, seem to smell alot of pork, burnt bacon and ranicidity in things that aren't there. It was interesting in reading the DOS information, it's nearly exactly what I have found. I was suprised that Lard didn't make a harder bar, and was happy to see the hard bar Safflower Oil made. Vicki
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    Cool info Vicki. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm one that isn't a huge fan of lard. I don't mind it if a FO/EO is used. However, if the soap isn't scented it does smell terrible in my opinion. I don't like any unscented soap but the lard bars are the worst... smells like rotten bacon! :yeahthat


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    ;)Oh Sara, you and I just don't agree on this one, LOL! I have this nose that can smell rancid, molding anything in a the most miniscule amount. I am the gal who threw out an entire pigs worth of pork because it tasted and SMELLED "gamey" even though my family couldn't taste a thing! Just the smell of it cooking made me want to throw up! I make a bar that is 60% lard. It's my OMH and it has no scent and people LOVE it. Smells just like soap I think. I don't know maybe it's the honey and the oats or something...

    I know you are a shea bar gal and I am trying very hard to lean that way, but it's just not happening. I made some all veggie bars with Shea that I ended up HPing and the lather just isn't there for me. Maybe it's like Vicki said where I just really love lard and don't want to love anything else and you just really love shea and can't love lard. :biggrin

    There is a goat dairy just north of me that sells GM soaps in most of the health food stores around here. The list their ingredients as "saponified blend of natural oils" I can't help but think they do that to hide the animal fat in there....I've been tempted to do it too because it sure would simplify labeling. But I would like to do it as well to test things out. To see which bar would get bought more, a mostly shea bar or a mostly Lard bar. They would have to be the same fragrance, etc to be a true test though, and that would be hard to explain, huh?

    I can't read that whole thing because acrobat is giving me fits. all I can see are the top three oils!


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    Bethany, I knew you'd read my reply and get after me! ;)

    It's not that I totally dislike lard... I just like my recipe with shea better. :p

    Just the other day I grabbed a bar of soap I made a year ago (Wal-Mart recipe). It is a lovely bar I will admit. I just can't get past the lard thing, I don't like soaping with it and I can't stand the smell of the raw soap (or the unscented for that matter). I must have an ultra sensitive nose. :D

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    I love my soap with safflower in it :D

    I had a customer that the Wal-Mart soap disagreed with her body chemistry (she said it made her stink, lol), the non-lard bar with the same FO didn't do it. She didn't notice the label difference, but I did. I don't use lard because of all the kosher diets in my family- they can't use the soap.