Sign of Pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Hello! I put two of my does in with the buck on Saturday, and I think they were in heat. I watched pretty closely, but I never thought that he really bred them, although they were mounted pretty good a couple of times. This morning, I noticed a thick white substance just poking out of their vagina, both of them. I thought I remembered reading somewhere before that this was a sign that it "took". Neither one of them want to be with the buck anymore, so I didn't think it was a sign of being in heat. I remerber having this last year, and all my does were indeed bred. Anyone else have this or know anything about it?
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    No, never heard of this.

    To be sure, pull blood and send to Bio Tracking. Simple, cost effective and fast. They have given me excellent results and I highly recommend them.


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    I would think that if they have a creamy discharge and they have been in with the buck they are bred :) Vicki
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    The discharge is not a sign "it took". It can mean several things. 1. They were serviced by a buck. 2. It's the mucous discharge from a pooling on the vaginal floor. 3. The doe was in heat. (bred or not)

    :really...I've started to AI a doe on her second heat and found a white blob of thick mucous at the cervical opening. Left over from being in heat...and I KNOW she wasn't serviced.

    :biggrin Back to wondering. :lol

    BUT, chances are really good since they were with a buck and they stood to be mounted. Best bet... go Sara's route.
    Ugh, I've got 14 does to pull blood on at the end of the month...JUST TO BE SURE. ;)
  5. Hey Kaye,

    I will trade ya...i just got about 80 to pull blood on!!! That does not included the ones that we are going to put the lights on for the fall freshening. A far trade?

  6. Kaye White

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    :biggrin NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!!! Do I look like I want to take on a 300 ct. milking herd. NOT EVEN! AND especially in Michigan, in the winter! :rofl

    But, I know you will do them a good job....ya' know what your doing. I'd be overwhelmed just walking in the barn. ;)
    I'll just pull blood on my few and smile. :D
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    Oh, so is that how you all get the does bred "off-season"? And here I thought it was because they were Nubians...(We can breed our Boers off-season, so thunk that
    it was an African origin thing.)
    So this is kind of like putting a light in the chicken house to keep egg production up during the winter?