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I’ve been having issues with a three week old bottle kid. I pulled him and put him on a bottle at 4 days old. He was very stubborn and it took him several days to get the bottle at all. He finally started to take it but never got a good latch and sucked like a normal kid. Then he started acting off, not taking the bottle, standing hunched up. I treated him with lots of things including enemas, vitamin b, Probios. he got back on the bottle was fine a couple days then went off it again. I realized he was having a hard time maintaining his temperature. Overnight, even in my home, it would get as low as 98 degrees. I started vitamin b injections and gave him a heating pad to lay on. The vitamin b seemed to really help. He was doing better than ever for a couple days. He seemed to have more of a sucking reflex while eating. He was also pooping a lot during these couple days. They were small greenish/gray and hard pellets, it seemed to me that maybe he had been constipated and has getting cleared out.

Then yesterday he refused the bottle again. His stomach felt firm. His temp was back down to 98. I put him on a heating pad. I got his temp up to 101.5 and this afternoon tried to feed him again. He took 2 ounces and almost immediately puffed up like a balloon. His stomach felt hard like it was going to burst. He was like this for maybe a half hour and stood around looking pretty miserable and then it started to soften. During this thirty minutes he peed and pooped a lot! I think it had to be like a half cup of poop that came out of this little 6 lb goat. It started off as the hard little pelllets and was really large soft pellets towards the end.

I waited like 6 hours before trying to feed him again. Around midnight he took 2 ounces and seemed okay with it. I woke at 4 and he wouldn’t drink anything. Tried again at 8 AM. He maybe got half an ounce. Since then his temp has dropped to 98 and I’ve been trying to get it back up. He’s still pooping and nibbling a bit on hay. I wasn’t able to give him vitamin B yesterday because I didn’t have anyone to hold him and he’s too squirmy. But today I did manage to give him some praying that will help raise his temp. His stomach is still pretty rounded. More than I’d expect from how little he’s eaten but definitely not tight like it was last night. Can anyone give me any other ideas?!?! I guess what I’ve been doing it keeping him alive but I can’t imagine continuing like this for the next 5 weeks until he can be weaned.

I’m not new to bottle babies. I’m doing everything as I would normally do, moms milk heated to 103. Trying to get at least 10 percent of his weight in him daily in milk. I’ve tried all the tricks to get him latched on the bottle. He’s just an odd case anI’d really appreciate some other input.
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