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Should I get this buckling

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I posted this on The Goat Spot but haven’t received responses yet.

He’s a blue eyed bottle baby (hoping I could get Eve, my other doe, to nurse him if he’s young enough)


Wood Carnivore Floor Dog Flooring

Wood Felidae Fawn Companion dog Flooring

D: Prairie Wood Rosemary's Blue
S: Loneoak Farm Edwin Jarvis *B (pending)

Sire (yearling photo)
Dog breed Pink Fawn Dog Companion dog

Tire Carnivore Thigh Working animal Dog breed


Dog Carnivore Dog breed Gesture Working animal

Primate Liver Eyelash Fawn Working animal

Primate Working animal Fawn Terrestrial animal Adaptation

While her udder is small, she is young, and she has wonderful attachments. I’d rather have good attachments then a large udder that can’t stay on if you know what I mean.

What she says about him.

Plant Organism Screenshot Font Working animal

Screenshot Font Terrestrial animal Working animal Wildlife

Light Font Adaptation Natural landscape Terrestrial animal
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