Should I blood test for CL?

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    Okay, earlier I was asking what lab to send off blood to for Cl testing, I received some responses from another board that now leaves me questioning if I should test for CL??? I have been told that frequently you get false positives....any advice would be greatly appreciated. And, the sooner the better as my Vet will be here at 6:30am CT.

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    There is no such thing but human error that can give you a false positive. Now you can have a positive on a goat who has been vaccinated with Case-bac...they may not actually have CL just the antibody for it.

    But the negative is what you have to be leary of, all it tells you is that the goat doesn't have an active case.

    Have you seen abscess? Is the farm you purchased from known for having CL?

    How about doing everyone for CAE and then just pick through new goats to run CL? Now a waste of time is Johnnes.

    Make sure your CAE tests are ran with, PAVL, WSU and then ask the lab if they run CL....I prefer to use UCDavis for CL, but have used other labs. Vicki