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    I recently purchased 2 milkers --nubians. One has a dry cough---treated with Levasole for lung worms--still has a cough--did first treatment last week. Was talking with the previous owner and she doubted she had lung worms--had treated her preventatively during pregnancy. She thought it was probably shipping fever and suggested I put it on the board to get advice on treatment. These are the medicines I have on hand that might work--but have no clue as to which if any would work and don't know dosage or milk withdrawl times. Any help is appreciated.
    Pen-G - Max
    Di-methox 40%
    Naxcel antibiotic.
    If possible, would like to do naxcel since I believe it doesn't have a milk withdrawl time. Am I right?
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    Shipping fever/pastuerella is a virulant form of pnemonia...brought on by stress. All goats carry this pasturella in their nasal cavities, and it takes some sort of stress for it to grow in enough numbers to cause problems. If you don't have nasty snotty noses, wheezing, eye drainage and fever I would not move to antibiotics yet. it is also highly contagious and rarely is in one goat unless a goat in quaranteen. I would boost their immune system.

    Bo-se, B vitamins, clean the barn (kneel in the barn, are your knees wet? Do you smell urine/ammonia when on your knees?) if yes than clean the stall out or add more bedding. Keep stress to a minimum. Did you move them right in with other goats that pick on them? Dogs they aren't used to. Did the trip contain too small of area which built up heat and humidity with manure and bedding? All of this causes pasteurella.

    Drug of choice is tetracycline, and is actually what LA200 was made for, in goats we use any 200 mg tetracycline like Biomycin since we use it subq and the carrier in LA200 is to strong for goats. Banamine to keep the temp down and scar tissue to a minimum. But yes your naxcel will work, it is for upper respiratory. I just don't choose to treat yet. Have you tried an expectorant like robotussin a people dosage? or used an antihistimine? Is the doe eating alot more dry hay than she is used to, is she truly coughing or bringing up her cud? Have you ran a fecal to see what worms are a problem and what her cocci level is? (both things can cause cough). Vicki

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    I usually go with Vit C /BoSe/ and an expectorant before I ever use antibiotics. Like Vicki says ck everything out first.