Shedding/blowing coat/hair missing

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Patty13637, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Patty13637

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    This is about ND's I picked up last week . 1 of the 5 is blowing its coat. So much so that you can see skin . Almost reminds me of a bitch dog that blows there coats after having pups . The others are fine. No lice recently wormed , copper bolused and bo-se. Her owner stated that 2 of her goats from this line blow coats like this.

    Well it does not seem normal to me . Figured I would ask here for ideas.

    Thanks , Patty
  2. Shykid Acres

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    What is "blowing coats"? Never heard of it.


  3. Sondra

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    talks abt pygmy's that due this one problem is lack of zinc.
    pygora goat do it too.
    Never have I heard of it with a ND
  4. MRFBarbara

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    i have a line from ND's, they always blow their coats, right after kidding..
    But she also has a tendency to have a zinc def.. which I give her zinc supplements on her grain.. her coat comes in beautiful and shiny..
  5. Patty13637

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    I did read about zinc. Thanks guys .

  6. Ravenwood

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    We bought a herd of does last year. One lost a LOT of her hair when we got her home...not regular shedding or blowing coat when the season change but major hair loss with lots of skin showing through. Had the vet out, did some testing on her. Turned out it was a stress break. Happens in cattle as well. Some animals experience such severe stress with a change that they lose a schwack of hair. Same story with my doe - all blood work came back normal for different mineral levels, she was current on her vaccs and dewormer. The stress break is where the hair breaks off rather than coming out at just the roots. She looked horrid for a good month or two til the hair grew back.