Several Wormers and Microscope is not working : (

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    Hi Guys,

    I went through all the post about wormers. so I am sorry if this has been answered a bunch.

    I have 5 Doe's that I have had since babies they range from 4 to 5 years old. And these are the only 5 that seem to have a "wormy" look to them out of the whole bunch.

    I have used Cydectin on them for at least 5 years some times when I was out I would use a horse paste wormer. But lately they have looked really wormy to me. my Microscope needs a new bulb so I cant do fecals right now so I need to work them up blind. I dont think the cydectin is working on them any more. and the only other wormer I have is Valbazen, that I got from a friend that got out of sheep. These does are going to be used as receps in the fall. so I know for sure they are not pregnant. Can I use this wormer on them. I would hate to waste it if I can use it to help these girls. They are uptodate on selenuim and copper. and have free choice mineral and a protein block.

    I live in California. and I dont know how to research wormer and its effectiveness in my area..

    Any suggestions.
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    Can you better discribe "wormy looking"........poor weight, poor hair, pale eye lids ??????

    are all 5 the same breed ?, and I assume the same age from what you said.


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    Add to what Whim said....go to goatkeeping 101 and look at the FAMCHA eye anemia chart...where do your stack up. Vicki
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    and ..... you could take some poop in and have it checked by vet as it's not much $ , then you would know what type of worm you are dealing with and what wormer to use.
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    After five straight years of the same dewormer, it's very possible that you are seeing resistance.