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    For those of you who send in your own blood, do you do all that hazmat stuff with the post office or just send it? I have my samples, all spun already, to send in for CAE testing and was curious.
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    I don't spin and I don't do one day mail and I send it flat rate. I pull blood, or colostrum, wrap each one in bubble wrap, wrap all them in bubble wrap, cut pieces of syrofoam to fit the flat rate box, put the bubble wrapped colostrum in the middle and put in hard iced containers from wallmart. More styrofoam pieces. I put a key (goat A is Shoofly, goat B is blah blah, my name addy, customer number and send it $8.95. I have never had blood, colostrum or milk samples come back as too warm to process. But it's also why I use people friendly labs :) When using WSU for blood, my vet sends it in. Vicki

  3. Cotton Eyed Does

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    I don't put any of that stuff on my box. I keep my blood tubes in the fridge until Monday morning then I wrap them individually in paper towels stick them in a baggie, put my submission paper and check in another baggie stick it all in a box with an ice pack that is also inside a baggie and box it up with bubble wrap or whatever packing material I have and mail it priority mail. Usually gets there in 2 days. Ice pack is warm by then I'm sure, but never any problems.
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    I use WSU and send it on their account fedex. They don't care if it is blood, if you tell them they will put a plastic envolope around the box. (document box) For bio-tracking I follow their directions and write "exempt animal specimen" on the package and have had no problems.
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    Nope. Postmaster don't ask...I don't tell. :nooo

    I send mine to WSU just like Vicki. With all the precautions to keep the,uh, mail handlers from breaking my tubes and forget the rest.