Semen Tanks

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  1. Tracy in Idaho

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    I like my glass speculums too. That witch Hallie broke one of mine last year :mad Then I got mad -- we literally stood her on her head on the stand and I stood on it behind her (hubby stradling her and holding her hind legs tucked up under her) and AI'd her. And she took :crazy But I will NEVER AI that doe again. It's not worth the hassle!

    I like those girls that let you just plop right into them! I had 3 or 4 of those this year :)

  2. Cotton Eyed Does

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    I really like that AI stand I built. With it having the sides on it and hanging the sling under their belly from one side to the other it really helps, especially on the ones that want to squat all the way down to the floor.