selling buck with breeding rights

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Sunny Daze, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I have a bit of a decision to make. I started out with nigerian dwarfs, then after several years and getting more into milking decided to get a few nubians (still have my nigies too). I didn't know as much about nubians at the time, and have a few ok does but nothing spectacular. I do have a pretty nice buck that I got and haven't even used yet since I ended up breeding my girls to a nigie buck for minis. Well now I have decided I really need to reevaluate my goals (as I am one who ends up going in way too many directions) :help and have decided to sell some of my nubian girls and eventually get one or two really nice does. (although all this talk of mini manchas has gotten me intrigued!). So poor Patches is taking up space, adding to my feed bill and not getting any use. So...I have thought I should probably sell him but would like to have the option to use him for the one or 2 does I may get down the line. Is this done often? If so, what are normal terms in such an agreement? I know I can probably find another nice buck but I really like him and he does have **gasp** spots! (I know, I know...shouldn't matter but I like them :D ) I may end up never needing him but would like to know I can just in case...
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    You can do whatever you can agree on with someone else. :biggrin Just write up the contract and bingo, but be careful of the herd you place him with. If they are diseased and then you breed your does back to him you could find yourself in big trouble.