Selenium deficiency in kids?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Halo-M Nubians, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I've had 7 kids so far and they are all doing great and growing well. However, my triplets (1b/2d) does were born with what I think is selenium deficiency symptoms. The littermate buck is fine, very big and hearty nice bone structure etc. They got the works at birth including .5ml of Bo-Se. Doe kid #1 rear pasterns buckled forward pretty badly at birth, they were normal the next day but she has tongue issues, if you know what I mean, has to fix her latch repeatedly cause her tongue falls out of her mouth. Doe kid #2 has slightly bowed front legs (bowing out like a cowboy). I gave them both another .5 cc Bo-se and it did help the one kids latching a lot, but not completely. Mom got BO-se a week before kidding and my liver biopsy last year showed that my mineral was doing a good job in that department.
    I did find my old notes from my late '90's kiddings and I used to give 1.5ml bo-se at birth :O, and I don't remember ever having anything weird like this. but then I don't think my lose mineral was as good back then. Is there anything else I should try or just wait and see. These were going to be keeper does..the bow legs are bothering me the most.
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    Give extra Vit E capsul 400iu squirted in mouth for a few days.

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    Remember bo-se is not very strong. At labeled dosages it is not going to fix true defficency. I certainly would choose to give them more, but like Sondra, I also opt for E orally, because there also isn't alot of E in the bo-se or the goats diet this time of year. Vicki