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    Southern Soapers Sugared Cranberries. Man. I bought a pound, thinking it would be great for all sorts of holiday things. It soaped just fine, but it smells nasty. No cranberry at all that I can detect. OOB, very chemical smelling, and a LOT of almond. I thought I'd soap it and see if I liked it better in soap. So far, it's a little better in soap than OOB, but I still don't care for it and it still doesn't smell like cranberries. Discolored slightly to sort of a pale peach. I'll post more if I like it better after the cure.

    AH/RE Whisper, which supposedly smells like some "Purely Herbal" shampoo. I don't get herbal from this at all, but I've never smelled that shampoo. It smells like apple. It doesn't smell bad, and it soaped nicely, it just didn't smell like I expected, based on the description and the name.
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    Scent reviews:
    Sweetcakes "Fracas" --smells good, accelarated/seized up immediately. couldnt' pour into molds :(
    Sweetcakes "Irish Spring"--smells just like the real thing, does not accelerate or darken
    Aromahaven "Lime N Coconut"--smells really good, does not accelerate or darken
    Aromahaven "Monkey Farts" candyish smell, accelerated/seized up. Barely got it into molds
    Sweetcakes "Vanilla Bean"---really nice, does not accelerate, darkens.

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    AH/RE FOs

    Imagine: Love--smells fantastic, but it riced. I think that it blended back in ok. I was doing a split batch trying out some new FOs and I split my standard 7 lb batch 5 ways. That probably didn't help with managing this FO. No discoloration.

    Lovely: also smells good and didn't give me any trouble in soap, but not very strong

    White Linen: nice, no discoloration, no acceleration
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    All cold process with 100% goat milk.

    Candle Science:

    Plumberry - no A, light D into a medium tan, strong scent, customers love it, my personal favorite, was a great holiday seller for Christmas

    Cucumber Melon - no A, no D, light pleasant scent in cured bar

    Cranberry Marmelade - fantastic smell, strong in soap, no A and some D (light brown but not too dark and lather and rinse is white)

    Creme Brulee - no A, D into brown, a little weak out of the mold, waiting to see if it comes back stronger after curing. Not so impressed, many of the high percentage vanillin fragrances from CS seem to do this and end up smelling pretty much the same

    Buttercream - no A, D into dark brown, dirty rinse, smells similar to other vanilla scents, won't buy again for soap, I do like it in lotion and whipped shea

    Peppermint Eucalyptus - no A, very light D into light tan, scent is strong and nicely balanced
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    CP with 100% goat milk except for the Floral Honeydew (water)

    Aroma Haven
    Floral A, no D lovely fragrance but very light in finished soap
    Spa A, no 2 weeks I can barely smell the fragrance, what a shame

    Whole Supplies Plus
    Citrus A, no me it smell exactly like the candles from Pier 1. Love this fragrance!
    Plum Crazy........acclerated, no D. My son used this and they like the fragrance. To me OOB it smelled like the Red tea with passion fruit that I drink.
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    New to soap so I don't have much to campare it to but here goes.

    Candle Science

    Black Cherry: strong and I loved it.
    Meadow: pretty strong but a nice clean smell love it.
    Cake: Can hardly smell it.
    Golden Rose: Not to strong just kind of blah IMO.
    Dragons Blood: I think if I had used more it would have been strong and I like it.
    I still have Peanut Butter to use, it smells more like Hazelnut in the bottle.
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    Cold Process at 100% Goat Milk

    Aroma Haven:
    Lemon Curd- No A, Slight D to dark, gold, tan. Smells great and did well at 3 oz per 5lb of oils.
    Blueberry Muffin- No A, Major D to dark purple. Freaked me out because it was bright orange for a few days then turned to purple as it cured. It's pretty though. Lathers white, rinses tan.
    Vanilla Bean- Sucks. Soaped fine, smell is weak and doesn't resemble vanilla in the least.

    Grapefruit- Love this one. No A, no D. Does well at 2 oz per 5lbs oils.
    Moroccan Mint- YUM!! One of my favorites. A nice sweet mint. No A, No D.
    Rain- Got this one as a sample and soaped it with Moroccan mint. Turned out great and customers love it. No A no D.
    Apricot Freesia- Smells ok, a little too floral. Horrible ricing.
    Lavender- No A, no D. Scent holds up well.
    Berry Wine- No A no D. Soaps well. People either love it or hate it.

    Yuzu: Love this one. No A no D.
    Cucumber Melon- No A no D. Scent seems a little weak right after cutting. I will see how it turns out as it cures.

    More to come..
  8. 2Sticks

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    CP with 50% goat milk, all Veggie oil.
    Dragons A, D to lovely brown. Good and strong at 1%
    Cranberry A, d to brown. A, D immediately to yellow. It's supposed to turn cream. Very strong and a wonderful fragrance. It was a pleasure to soap.
    Pink A, D to light brown. Everyone is crazy for this fragrance!
    Cool Citrus Basil....No A, No D....Light scent even at 1% but very fresh and appealing.
    Bamboo, Citrus & Teak....No A, No D...Good fragrance, mixed Bay Rum shreds in with it at light trace.
  9. carlidoe

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    Soaped new scents from Wholesale Supplies Plus- CP 100% Goat Milk

    White Tea and Ginger- Love it! No A or D
    Goji Berry Bliss- Nice berry scent. No A or D
    Georgia Peach- Did not hold up. No A or D
    Rosemary Mint- Beautiful!! My new favorite- No A or D. Sells well for me!
    Berry Vanilla- Love this one. I think I like it better than black raspberry vanilla.
  10. prairie nights

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    All CP soap with 100% goat milk

    Candle Science

    Brown Sugar and Fig - nice mellow scent, no A, D to light beige

    Cotton Candy - behaved well, smells like the real thing, big hit with the children, no A , D to a very light tan at 1 oz ppo

    Day at the Spa - sweet lemony scent, candy like similar to lemon drops, definitely A (but I was testing a new recipe), discolors to yellow/orange.

    Fruit Slices - mostly notes of orange, soaped like a dream, no problems here, good summer scent , no A, no D

    Honeycomb - lovely ! no A, no D

    Jamaica Me Crazy - fast A, discolored to a nice mango color (but my lye solution was dark). I really did not like working with this one. Smells like a mixed tropical drink with notes of mango and pineapple

    Sun Shower - nice clean scent, no A, no D

    Sunwashed Linen - another nice clean scent, no A, no D

    Tuscan Melon and Apricot - no A, no D, soaps beatifully, smells like dried apricots with light yeasty undertones (someone told me it smelled like beer)
  11. Lynn_Theesfeld

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    I plan to add as I go to this list -
    All soaps are CP using a 50% Lye solution and added goat milk

    Candle Science

    Oakmoss and Amber- No A & No D

    Green Tea & Lemongrass- No A No D

    Peppermint & Eucalyptus - Slight A, but workable. Slight D to a yellowish

    Sweet Pea- No A slight D to a Beige

    Black Raspberry Vanilla No A D to a light Yellow

    Cranberry Marmalade No A- D to a dark orange

    Gardenia- No A- Slight D to an off white

    Lilac- Yes A moves pretty fast, D to a pinkish

    Love Spell- No A Slight D to a Beige

    Antique Sandalwood- No A slight D to a light tan

    Apple Jack and Peel- No A D to a beige- lost scent very fast..was not impressed with this one.

    English Garden- No A Slight D to an off white

    Lavender Cucumber Sage- No A D to off white almost beige, Not very fond of this scent, all I can really get out of it is the cucumber

    Lavender No A D to an off white

    Vanilla Lace- No A D to a very dark brown, almost black... Nice scent though

    Save on scents

    Ginger (classic oil)- No A slight D to a tan

    Pumpkin Spice- No A D to orange

    Lavender- No A, D to a beige

    Jasmine Vanilla- No A, D to a brown

    Cucumber Melon- No A, D to an off white

    Love Spell- No A, D to an off white

    Bay Rum- No A, D to a light brown

    Cherry Almond- No A, D to a dark brown

    Eucalyptus (EO) - No A, D to an off white

    Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey- No A, D to a Med to dark brown.

    Green Irish Tweed- No A, D to a beige

    Aroma Haven

    Peppermint Swizzle Stick- No A- D to an off white. Scent is true, not to strong.

    Karma Sutra- No A- D to a Light tan. Scent sticks very nicely.

    Orange Chiffon Cake- No A-D to very dark brown. Scent turned to a very salty.

    Fruit Loops- No A-D to a med Brown. Scent doesn't quite smell like fruit loops anymore, but is still fruity and sticks.

    Fresh Coffee- No A- D to a med brown. Scent is light but sticks nicely.

    Southern Vanilla- No A - D to a very dark brown. Scent has completely faded.

    Monkey Mouth- No A- D to a med brown. Scents fades, extremely light.

    Teaberry: Yes A- turns to cottage cheese as soon as you add to oils. Can be stick blended through though. D to an off white. Scent is strong.

    Vermont Maple Syrup: No A. D to a light brown. scent is "normal". Very sugary

    Glazed Donuts: No A. D to Brown. Scent is very faded.

    Morning Dew: No A. D to an off white. Scent is "normal"

    Mandarin coconut- No A-D to med. brown. Scent fades.

    Apple Harvest Festival- No A-D to a med brown, with an orange tone. Scent is strong and true (love it)

    Winter Breeze- No A- D to an of white. Scent sticks nice and strong.

    Coconut Cream Pie- No A- D to a med brown. Scent is light.

    Purple Cow- No A, D to a light tan. Scent fades slightly.

    Christmas Tree Garland: No- A Yes- D to a salmon pink color. Scent is "normal" not to strong.

    Creme Brulee: No- A -D to a med brown. Scent is "normal"

    Peach Pie Filling: No A, but did rice after stirring all the way into oils. Can save if you stick blend the crap out of it. D- to dark brown. Scent is much nicer once soaped then out of bottle. Light peach scent.

    Toasted Marshmellows: No A. D to a light brown color. scent is sweet doesn't smell toasted or what i imagine a marshmellow would smell like.

    Snuggle Baby: No A - D to a light brown color. Smells like baby powder. not to strong, but not that light either.

    Frosted Snowdrops: No A - slight D to an off white. Scent is "Normal"

    White Clouds: No A- No D. Bright white- Scent is Very light

    Lumberjack: No A - D to a med brown. Scent is "normal to strong"

    Cleopatra: No A- D to a dark yellow,almost a gold. scent is "normal"

    Covered Bridges: No A - D to an off white. Scent is "Normal"

    Mittens & Mistletoe: No A - D- to an off white. Scent is "light"

    All scents were tested @ 1oz PPO
  12. Dorit

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    Candle Science Mediterranean Fig, No A very slight D lovely fresh, upscale subtle yet identifyable scent
  13. hsmomof4

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    Aroma Haven/Rustic Escentuals
    Gap: Heaven: smells great, but it accelerates. A lot.
    Gap: Earth: no A, I colored the soap, so I'm not sure about D, but I don't think so.
    Breezy Meadows: a little A, but manageable, no D. Smells awesome.

    Elements Bath and Body

    Honey L'Occitane: smells just like Lillian's but isn't quite as strong. Doesn't discolor as much.
    Oatmeal Milk and Honey: another match for Lillian's.
    Eucalyptus Spearmint: smells like the BBW version, and like WSP's but behaves much better and is less expensive, so that's a win all around.
    Rosemary Mint: nice, no A, no D.
    Willow Whispers: no A, no D. Smells to me almost exactly like Southern Soaper's Bamboo Zen Tea, which is to say, yummy.
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    I wanted a batch of really strong soap so I used twice the fo I usually use here. I have not had a problem when using
    The lesser amount:

    The Sage Lilac and Lavender A= yikes. Set up so quickly I couldn't get it in the mold.
  15. Dorit

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    Although I love the scent and am sticking under peoples' noses, no one seems to like it. However Salty Sea Air by is a winner.
  16. a4patch

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    Honeysuckle from candle science was soap on a stick. Not even sure I will be able to sell it. A big huge mess. This is the second time. (Dh asked for it again- He likes it. Go figure.) They have rated it bath and body safe.
  17. New Member

    Peggy, most florals are like this. You might want to try adding it to your butters and oils, then add you lye, it is how I soap one of my problem children.

    I also don't remember how new you are to soaping, but nobody soaps to what they show and say is trace. You certainly don't want to be at trace and then try to add a floral scent. Have you watched any of the utube videos on soaping, especially swirling techniques etc...see how thin they pour their soap to be colored....that is as close to trace as you want to get, then hand stir in your scent and hurry and pour. Bath and body safe does not mean you can use it in soap :) Vicki
  18. Angelknitter12

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    Peggy, I have had good luck with the HoneySuckle from

    Moonlight Path from MMS: I soaped it twice, and made lotion with it once. Couldn't smell a darn thing in any of them even after using more than their calculator says to use for a very strong scent. I won't be buying this one again.

    SweetGrass from MMS: Yum! This one was a winner.
  19. Angelknitter12

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    I feel head over heels in love with "Edward" from mms. It is by far the best man's scent I have ever smelled. I made lotion and was surprised at the amount I had to use, and that it made my lotion thinner, but it smells divine. I tired to soap it tidy and it was terrible. It accelerated fast enough that the soap was ruined and I could not pour it. So sad. I will still use it in my other products.
  20. Necie@Lunamojo

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    BAMBOO from WSP

    CP; 100% GM; Oils were cloudy--cool and I added the scent (4oz to a WM batch) to the oils.
    I always do a double batch (two buckets) and the first one, in less than a minute I was plopping and glopping into my molds (pvc). Second batch I stick blended and stirred like crazy for only 15 seconds or so and quick poured and it was good.
    Scent is a nice strong, clean and green. I like it :) and will keep using it. Just will be ready to move fast!