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    Susan Anderson, Prairie Fragrances:
    No longer in business... has been modified... Barbara
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    Re: Scent Reviews/Candle Science

    Candle Science Reviews

    Any scent that says bath/body is fine for soap.
    I have used some scents from there at 1 oz per 2 lbs when I only had a 1 oz sample but generally use 1 oz per pound of soap. The cherry was great at 1 oz per 2 pounds.
    I personally prefer fresh fruity/berry scents and herbal scents.
    I’ll list which ones I’ve tried for you but you may have scents you like that I don’t and vice versa.

    I don’t oven process. I will stack molds in soaps that need a forced gel but that is all.


    Apple Jack and Peel -A slightly, D to pretty caramel color, gels easily. Sells great!
    Black Cherry-A, D to pale pink, nice!
    Coconut Lime verbena-Slight A, no D. I cannot keep this one in stock.
    Cranberry Marmalade-a new favorite! Slight A, D to pretty red brown.
    Cucumber Melon-no A or D .
    Chocolate Fudge: haven’t soaped, smells good!
    Fig Forest-just tried, no A or D. Lost scent for 2 weeks but seems to be coming back. Vanilla, fig, spice scent. Cream.
    Frankincense and Myrrh-this one needs to be force gelled. No A, D to dark brown
    French Vanilla-force gel. No A, D to medium tan.
    Fresh Fruit Slices-No A or D. Best if forced gel. Awesome scent!
    Green Tea and Lemongrass-no A or D. Slow but has always come out perfect. Sells well, light scent.
    Hazelnut Coffee-no A, D to med. Brown. I like the Mocha Café better.
    Hot Baked Apple Pie-no A, D to soft brown. Like Apple Jack n peel better.
    Lavender-A, moves fast! No D. Strong true scent.

    Lilac- A, and rices. No D. Move fast, but a good scent!
    Lemon Verbena- Fresh delicious scent. No A, D pale yellow.
    Lovespell- no A or D, but scent morphed on me.Great and true in lotion.
    Mocha Café-mmm rich complex choc./coffee scent. No A, D to dark brown.
    Ocean Breeze- recommend force gel. No A or D. bestseller
    Peppermint Eucalyptus-recommend force gel. I always color. No A. Another big seller.
    Plumeria- No A or D. Very Nice but I prefer this from Mystify Your Senses.
    Pumpkin Bread-Slight A, D to orangey brown. Nice!
    Red Clover Tea-Have this, smells good, but haven’t tried it yet.
    Sun Ripened Raspberry-no A or D but morphed on me.
    Violet Lime- Fast A, slight D to greenish tint. Strong scent!

    I've done a few that becky didn't list, I used them all at 1 oz for 2lbs:

    Antique Sandelwood-no A or D, I don't like this much myself, too strong
    Chardonnay- no A or D-I think this smells gross! But I've sold some and it seems to be a love or hate thing!
    Milk Chocolate-no A D to dark brown, just light enough to see some of my cocoa swirls-needs a little bit more scent
    Mediterannean Fig- no A or D-this was my free sample and everyone loves it! Plenty of scent

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    Pumpkin Chiffon by RA siezed up on me but could have been me. smells good tho.
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    More Candle Science Reviews

    *all scents used at a rate of .75 ppo*

    A = accelerates
    D = discolors

    Sage and Pomegranate - No A or D. Fresh and clean scent.

    Blackberry Marmalade - No A, D to a dark tan. Plain scent w/ no depth, very light scent

    Mimosa & Mandarin - No A, D to light yellow. Wonderful, light fruity scent.

    White Tea & Berries - Haven't soaped yet. Watch for updates.

    Red Clover Tea - Slight A, no D. Nice fruity scent with a herbal note.

    Spiced Wassail - Haven't soaped yet. HORRIBLE OOB!

    Mediterranean Fig - Haven't soaped yet. Watch for updates.

    Violet Lime - Haven't soaped yet. Watch for updates.
  5. Candle Science Peach
    slight A, no D. Colored it peach with pink and gold mica and the color is true. Smells good, a true peach scent.
  6. Candle Science Mango Papaya
    NO A or D held up well in CP. Nice fruity blend. I tried a 1 ounce sample during the recent sale. I won't add this now since I have similar scents but it is nice. I think it would be really nice in lotion!

    Candle Science Sex On The Beach
    No A but D to dark brown. Smells really good, fruity with a hint of vanilla and alcohol.
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    I used Aromahaven FO's

    Vanilla Sandalwood - A no, D yes to a deep tan color. I also used extra virgin olive oil in this batch. Smells wonderful! .9 ppo

    Love Spell - A no D no. A nice perfume-y grapefruit scent .7ppo

    Lemon Verbena - A no, D slight yellow. Did perfect in cp Nice clean lemon scent. Would be great for a kitchen soap. .7ppo

    Lillian's FO:

    Cleopatra's Treasures - A YES! D only slight. I was pouring into my mold and almost finished the pour when all of a sudden the soap went from thin pudding to thick as store bought cake icing! Don't waste time with this one!

    It smell of ginger and lime with notes of something else but I cannot tell. I like this is not a heavy or over powering scent .7ppo
    A exotic scent!
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    Aroma Haven's FO's:

    --used at the rate of .7 ppo

    Black Raspberry Vanilla- no A, no D. Did fine and smells great!

    Just Peachy- no A, no D. Did fine and smells like a true peach.

    Green Irish Tweed- no A, no D. Smells like a man! A very handsome man at that!
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    Save on Scents ( I usually don't use SOS, but they had a FO that I was out of rather cheap.. so I tried them. Very pleased with what I purchased so far)

    All done in Cold Process.

    Gingerbread - No acceleration but did discolor dark brown. Very yummy FO.. although it did fade rather fast.
    Cranberry Orange- One of my best sellers... no A, D just a tad to a lemon color.
    Skinny Dippin - I am so in love with this FO!!! Very tropical scent.. no A or D. I can't put my finger on the fruits but it is tropical fruity.
    Butt Naked - Coconuty blend. No A, but does discolor to dark tan.
    Coco Milk and Lavender - Coconut scent with a hint of lavender- No A, but also discolors to a tan.
  10. -I'm attempting to soap most of my collection so will update as I soap the scents.

    Nature's Garden {}

    Lily Of The Valley- A very slightly, no D.
    Black Magic- No A. Slight D to light tan. Very easy to use and plenty of time for swirling
    Honeysuckle- A, no D. I'm still able to swirl, but it is thick.
    Innocence- Slight A, D to brown
    Cool Spring- No A or D
    Creme Brulee- No A, D to black
    Dragon's Blood- No A, D to dark brown
    Vanilla Extract- No A, does D to dark brown as expected
    Kiwi Strawberry- No A. No D.
    Lilac- Definitely A. Work quickly. Ds to a somewhat purple tan color. Quite nice actually.
    Black Raspberries & Vanilla- No A, no D. Perfect.
    Sandalwood- No A or much D.Update. Very strange D this time around. The tops are green and the bar themselves are a dark tan/purple. In the past they have been a nice sandy color.
    Moonlight Pomegranate- Slight A, which was expected. The part that was not colored has turned a light tan.
    Clove- No A, D to orange brown color. Nice.
    Fresh Squeezed Orange- NEVER AGAIN. I don't think it Aed at all, but it would not come out of the mold!
    Lick Me All Over- No A or D.
    Cucumber & Melons (Old Version)- No A. No noticeable D.
    Juniper Breeze- Very slight A. No noticeable D.
    Eucalyptus- No A or D. Quite strong.
    NG Loving Spells- No A. No D.
    Lavender Flowers- No A. No D that I can tell, but I color it.
    Fresh Linen- No A. No D.
    Apple Jack & Peel- No A. Ds to dark orange. Looks and smells like quite a bit of Clove or Cinnamon. I do not like this FO as much as I liked the other AJ & P I soaped below.
    Drakkar Type- No A. No D.
    Melon Mist- No A. No D.
    Victorian Rose- No A. I dyed this. No overt D.
    Fresh Cut Roses- No A. I dyed this. No overt D.
    NG Magnolia & Orange Blossom- No A. No D.

    AromaHaven {}

    Monkey Farts- No A, D to dark brown
    Little Black Dress- Despite the site saying it seizes, I had no trouble with it. No dicoloration that I can tell. My dye color stayed true.
    Rose Geranium- No A. No D.

    The Candlemaker's Store {}

    Apple Jack and Peel- Grade B- No A. D to light tan.
    Christmas Spice- Grade B- Definite A! No time to color. Dark orange color.
  11. Kalne

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    Nature's Garden -

    Cucumber Cantaloupe - no A or D, scent sticks well at .8 ppo, proving to be a good seller for me this year

    Love Spell - no A or D, used at .8 ppo, needed to find a replacement for Susan's, this one's not bad, better than some I've tried, as always it sells well

    Caribbean - yummy scent at .8 ppo, no A, discolors to dark brown though. Would be great in lotion I think.

    Honeysuckle - no A for me on this one, not sure about D as I was trying a new color. Scent sticks at .8 ppo and really does smell like honeysuckle

    Victorian Rose - no A, not sure about D as I colored this one Scent sticks at .7 ppo. Not crazy about it but I've had others tell me it's a good rose.

    China Rain - love this scent! Very slight A but only to the point that it starts to thicken slightly, doesn't move beyond that. Not sure about D as I color this one too.

    Sandalwood - no A, D to tan Used at .8 ppo and it's on the light side. Not at all the rich sandalwood I was trying to replace. Still, I think it's nice.

    Yuzu - no A, not sure on D as I colored Good at .8 ppo

    Plumeria - no A, not sure about D, sticks well at .7 ppo

    Berry Bewitching Brew - no A, no D, good at .7 ppo
    Scent is nice, reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it. I'm thinking grapes without the sweet

    Watercress and Aloe
    no A, no D, good at .8 ppo
    VERY green, smells like parsley to me and I guess that's what watercress smells like.

    Ocean Mist - very nice fresh scent at .8 ppo
    no A. I read that it D so I added a bit of TD, so far so good (1.5 weeks), the white top still looks white. :)
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    When I started soaping, I swore I was gonna stick with 6 or 8 good scents. Now I've tried 12 and there's more on the way! All of these are from Aroma Haven: So far, I've avoided anything their notes say accelerates or siezes. They all seem adequate at 4 oz. per 8 lb. batch.

    Amazing Grace: An absolute rave! It took me right back to playing in the bathtub with my brother when I was five & he was two. It's gender-neutral

    Avalanche: It's minty fresh! This was a 2 oz. sample & I've ordered a pound. Nice peppermint, though it fades a bit. Great bedtime shower after a hot day. Men or women.

    Cinnamon: Boy, is it ever! True, lasting, strong.

    Cucumber-Melon: I'll definitely re-order this. Very nice, true to the fruit, not overpowering. Seems to hold well.

    Dark Knights: A spicy men's fragrance. It's OK, haven't decided to make it permanent, but I might.

    Dragon's Blood: The old stand-by for us old hippies! Their's is good, & plenty strong.

    Dreamcatcher: A nice complexity--wish I could describe it better. I like it!

    Falling leaves: A very descriptive name. A friend of mine picked up a bar without knowing what it was and said, "Smells like a forest."

    Green Irish Tweed: Silly name for a great scent! Supposedly created for Cary Grant & worn by several Hollywood Hunks. Steve got a cologne for Christmas several years ago & has tried to find the same one without success. This is it! Subtle, masculine, not icky at all. We're calling this soap "Drogheda", after the town in Ireland where Steve's grandparents were born.

    Lovely (Type) Another sample. Way too subtle for me. I used two ounces, with an ounce of Cucumber-Melon in a seven pound batch. The Cucumber Melon buried this one.

    Very Sexy (for him): Very faint is what it is! It's OK, there's just not much too it. It's a formal scent, like for an evening out. I wouldn't wear it to a rodeo.

    Ozark Forest: Saved the best till last. I'll use this as long as they make it. The quintessential outdoor, woodsy fragrance. Cedar & oak & a whole bunch of stuff comes through, and I don't have that great a nose.

    I have another order coming with a couple new ones I'll add when I've tried 'em

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    Aroma Haven:

    Sweet Grass... Accelerates like crazy! Gloppy even...I don't like this one at all and will not use it any longer!
  14. Seamus

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    Natures Garden Oatmeal Milk & Honey FO:

    I had super fast acceleration and horrible oil separation.

    Other FO's that I've used from them:

    Drakkar Type: soaped nicely ;)

    Cucumber Cantelope: soaped nicely, has more of a cantelope scent than a cucumber scent
  15. Madfarmer

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    A couple more from Aroma Haven:

    Japanese Pear & Genseng: This is a wonderful scent! It's very complex & citrusy at first, although it's mostly spicy pear after a couple of days. It traced faster than I was expecting--no big deal, but I had to do some smoothing in the mold.

    Gardenia: A vast disappointment, & I bought a pound instead of a sample. OOB, it reeks of cheap perfume. It soaped well, but the soap smells NOTHING like gardenia. I haven't a clue what to call it, & it's gonna be a close-out special right from the start.

  16. New Member

    Aroma Haven..

    Cantalope Lilly, No A, No D, lovely lovely, this would make a great soap and lotion duo. Everyone says it smells like expensive perfumed cantalope.

    Glow by JayLo, No A, No D, scent was really weak when soaped normal strength, when using the soap my daughter loved it and is already part of her lotion line, 3 of the girls here for 4th of July made it into rollon's to take with them.

    Mabel's Mint Sugar Cookie, No A, Discolors due to all the vanilla in it. I got to smell this in a body spray before I purchased it and it is wonderful, not very minty and not very foody, it is lovely, it is going to be my new line for Christmas soap, lotion, bodyspray's devine. It's one of those you smell over and over again.

    More to come...
  17. Caprine Beings

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    Aroma Haven- Amber Romance; No A, No discoloration,

    Oregon Trails- Cabernet Savignon; No A, No discoloration
    Egytian Musk: No A, no discoloration
    Amber Romance: No A, No discoloration
    Sweet Heart Baby Roses: No A, no discoloring- the best for a rose scent--not perfumy,
    more of a soft floribunda.
    Coming up soon: Cherokee and Gift of the Magi
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    I should probably start a scent review thingie as well. It is really helpful to see what others have to say about scents.

    Dragons Blood - Aroma Haven - No A, Dark brown D. Weak compared to the Dragons Blood I have gotten through Lillian in the past. Maybe they sent me the wrong one because others have given this one great reviews. Didn't discolor as dark brown as expected and smells so much lighter and "powdery" than my older bars. Quite disappointing.

    ***Pink Sugar - Aroma Haven - No A, Dark brown D. Really like this one. Good seller for men and women.***
    I was wrong! Now I remember, I mixed my pink sugar half and half with my pink sugar from Lillian. The pink sugar from Aroma Haven is very disappointing! It is a tan looking bar and has a weak scent. I don't know if I will order from Aroma Haven again, the scents I got were rather disappointing.

    Dragons Blood - Brambleberries - Nice dark bar, scent isn't as strong as I am used to, I need to add more ppo next time. Not quite Lillians but still a nice Dragons Blood.

    Will post about Denise's Dragons Blood as soon as I have soaped it.

    In an attempt to use mostly EOs I decided to try some blends from WSP to see if any were good sellers. I got 4oz each of a bunch of different scents.

    Euphoria Type - EO Blend from WSP - No A, No D. This is an awful scent! Okay, maybe there are some out there that will like it but I wince and hold my breath now when I walk by my soap drying rack. I live in an apt so don't have may storage options but I am tempted to let this one cure for a couple of months all alone in a box in the closet so I don't have to smell it for a while.

    Almond Honey - EO Blend from WSP - No A, little D. I love this one and I know it is going to be a great seller. *update* not a great seller yet, not as loved as I thought it would be.

    Valencia Type - EO Blend from WSP - No A, little D. A nice citrusy blend that I believe will sell well.

    Sleep Time - EO Blend from WSP - I love this one! It comes through nice and strong at a little less than .5 oz/ppo. I didn't call it Sleep Time. I called it Lavender & Vanilla cause I like names that tell people what they are getting. I have sold more of this one than all of my other best sellers the first week I had it wrapped and out! It is now my best seller. A very sensual scent that comes out really well in the shower.

    More to come.
  19. hsmomof4

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    Everything done CP.

    From WSP:
    Eucalyptus Spearmint (BBW type): the first time I soaped this, it was fantastic, no issues. So I ordered more. I need to find out if they reformulated it because it separated when I OP'd so I had to rebatch and every batch since then has accelerated somewhat (not to soap on a stick stage, though, thank goodness)...and I even put my FO in with my oils before adding the lye. Smells great, though, and sells well for me.

    Grapefruit Peppermint EO Blend: very nice, smells mostly like grapefruit

    Bay Rum: Fantastic. No acceleration (I put it in with the oils) no discoloration. Smells awesome.

    From AH/RE
    Green Irish Tweed: yum. No issues
    Clover Fields and Aloe: I just love this one...I put it in a salt bar.
    Black Raspberry Vanilla: I love the way this smells...there's a green note to it. Easy to work with.

    More later.
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    I had the same result so now I blend my own.