scab like bumps on body

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Jo~*, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Jo~*

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    A friend of mine who just got a milk goat about a month ago noticed that her doe was getting big welt like things all over so she called the lady she got the goat from and the lady said that her goats also had them after coming home from a show. Today I was at my friends house and saw her goat there were round spots about the size of a silver dollar all over her goat and the hair was gone in the spots?
    Whats this sound like to you guys? It kind of looked like ringworm but not.
  2. Sondra

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    Well that was my first thought ringworm, impetigo? Staph? I would agressively treat for staph myself But if your friend really wants some help have her join here and put up some pictures am sure Sara/Vicki or Kaye will have seen this and can help.
    We just can't do much 3rd party and without seeing it.

  3. Rose

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    We just got over this with our Nubian milker. I'm pretty sure it was simply stress because we had weaned her babies and moved her into a new pasture and changed her routine all to heck. She got marble sized bumps under her skin and over a couple of days, each bump developed a small scab.

    We put her on Benedryl twice a day and did a week of Prednisone, starting with 10 mg for two days, 8 mg for two days, 6, 4, 2, in the same manner.

    The bumps went down very quickly after starting the Prednisone.

    We also moved her and her friends back to the original pasture and housing. She's a drama queen, and it was just too much to deal with for her.

    The vet thought it was reaction to bugs, and he had us spraying her with a bug repellent for dairy animals, but I don't think that was the cause.
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    Sounds like ringworm to me. The time frame is correct as well. However, without seeing it we can't tell you what it is for sure.

    Like Sondra said, if your friend could join we can better help her.

  5. SherrieC

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    It could also be Staph from clipping for the show and not clipping Clean enough. Clean goat, dipping clippers inbetween each use (goat) in alcohol. First hand info and photo's ! On reading the post again, this goat wasn't at a show was it? Before it was purchased. Probably ring worm caught from the others who brought it home from the show.
  6. Jo~*

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    Yes, the goat was at a show and after the person got home from show whatever it was went through her herd and just kind of ran its course and went away. And that seems to be what is happening to my friends goat that she bought from the lady.
    I being the curious kind of person I am was just trying to put a name to it for future reference.

    Thanks :D