Salting chevre

Discussion in 'Cheese & Dairy' started by Halo-M Nubians, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Halo-M Nubians

    Halo-M Nubians New Member

    Okay, I'm tired of salt/taste, salt/taste method :blush Does anyone have suggestions on a rule of thumb for salting 1 lb. of chevre. Also at what point do you all salt? I drain mine in a mold.
  2. cmharris6002

    cmharris6002 Guest

    My rule of thumb is 1tea per lb. Look for Morton Kosher salt in your grocery store.


  3. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    same here and I drain some then salt and drain somemore or even press. This is also the time I add herbs or fruit.
  4. coso

    coso Guest

    I wait till after it's drained then mix a little salt and taste, mix and taste till I get it like I like. It's funner that way. :biggrin