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Sales Policies and Sales Contracts...

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Okay....I am wanting to make a Sales Policy for my website and a Sales Contract. I need some ideas, like how to word it and stuff like that. If you wouldn't mind posting yours, I would greatly appreciate it! Also, please let me know if you would mind if I use yours or use bits and pieces of your Sales Policy and Sales Contract.

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me too...I need to have all this figured out and posted on my website by spring.
Shoot for your website, read mine, read Sara's, read Tim's, read Kastedmur's, read Saada's, and then just make up your own. You can just copy mine and then reword it to make it into what you need. When it comes right down to it they are all the same anyway.

Now the written contract I send with a deposit is a contract I keep on word document. Then I add the persons name and I start adding to the contract so it's personal between myself and the buyer. I then attach our emails or make mention of our phone conversations, and send it to them. This way they have my contract, what I think they expect of me and what I expect of them before they even have the goatling. This way there is no question as to payment, CAE information, or my guarantee. I then save it, and then the next time I access the contract I simply change it to fit the new person. So each one is different, if you want to have it, I could send it to you but email me at my hotmail. Just disregard the people names and insert your own info and terms. Vicki
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