Sale of kids- now or later...

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    We are having this discussion because healthy milkers are in short supply locally. I don't think it makes sense to grow out the doelings, breed, and kid out then sell as FF...but maybe I'm missing something??? I going to keep on thinking I'm right unless someone experienced at this tells me my numbers are wrong. :lol Now I might decide to cull a perfectly healthy milker but that's another deal...

    It's been easy to sell kids at 2-4 weeks old for roughly $100 doeling and $50 buckling/whether (a little more on the Saanen bucklings)... These are healthy, homestead type goats, some Alpine crosses and some purebred Saanen (not giving papers on kids). I doubt I could sell them for more than $250-$300 in milk.
    Now if I raise a doeling to freshening and she kidded with twin doelings I'd have at most $400 for a year's worth of feed, time, and risk.
    I just double convinced myself I'm right. :rofl