Sadie Mae

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    Goat Town USA Sadie Mae (N1499218) was born April 24th 2009 and passed away January 9th, 2016 of post kidding complications. Sadie became herd queen in June 2013 after the retirement of the former queen. From that time until she passed she was the dominant force in the herd. Sadie was first at everything. She was first at the feeders, first to the milk stand, and first at ripping open feed bags before they could be unloaded into the barn. She lead the herd all over the property when it was time to browse.

    Sadie's influence in the herd is shown everywhere. Her image is the basis for my herd logo and is embroidered on my jacket. She has a genetic influence as she is descended from one of the founding does in my her. Currently she has nine offspring registered.

    She leaves two new kids born January 4th 2016. Currently I milk her daughter and grand daughter and I have her yearling great grand kids.
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    So sorry you lost her:( It's always hard to lose a doe, especially to kidding problems.
    I know how much of an impact the herd queen makes. My herd queen is ten now, and has held the position for 7 years. We love her to death.