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Ok...this is going to sound so "newbie" but I can't seem to get this sable thing down!

Question: If you breed a Sable to a Saanen what are the kids reg. or recorded or whatever????? I realize they have to have color to be a Sable and I just learned that a Sable can be "made" by breeding a Purebred Saanen to an American Saanen. :really To show my ignorance...I thought they could only be from Purebred Saanen parents.

Anyone want to take this one on and help out someone not understanding the finesse behind this sable thing??
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I was on the breed standard commitee through all this and couldn't begin to tell you, I just kept voting YES!! :) I tell you Donna Palmer knows this stuff inside and out...I am sure Sable folks do to :)

But you have to get and accept, which some folks don't, that saanens are sables, and colored saanens were actually the norm to begin with. Only the USA chose to breed white ones. And Sables have been in recorded grade as purebreds and amercians, mostly with errors on their paperwork since they were in recorded grade being graded up, where they were actually supposed to just stay sable american or purebred. Now plucked from recorded grade, they are back where they should have always been. They were only supposed to be placed in RG until their numbers were higher. Imagine the numbers of colored saanens who should have always been in the Sable registery on hold, instead of being destroyed. The Sable info has been in the ADGA directory for years, just ignored. The Sable folks did not ignore it!

I found it all to be really intriguing, and when you see pictures of them, which we saw alot, you can certainly tell they are saanens and not alpines. Vicki
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