roasted soybeans

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  1. Where do you get roasted soybeans?
    Any other info on them??

    Thanks! :)
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    I have done it myself in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Can't remember how long just until they brown and get a little crunchy. Does liked them and so did our youngest daughter. :crazy

  3. All a Bean roaster is basically is a HUGE gas powered oven. You dump in 500 pounds at a times...they stir for about 30 minutes in this oven deal. Then you take samples out about every 5 minutes to look at them. When they are down just dump them out and you have roasted beans...and then a $150 per hour check to write out.

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    I could not find whole soy beans so I purchased a couple of bags of soy bean meal, ( at 47% protien, is quite a boost!) My question is one of my does really loves it! Ones will eat a little and the others smell it and turn their heads.

    Have any of you fed soy bean meal to your goats and how have you done it?
  5. WE feed it here all the time. I use it a a top dressing in the milk parlor. That is all. Use a 16% grain mix, then anything milking over 14 pounds a day gets 3 oz a day of SBM.

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    My does love it. We used to use it as a starter food for our kids, its an old sheep thing to do, changing textures of feed to get them eating as they get older etc....I went away from the feeding of protein and now I am back :) vicki
  7. Thankyou for all the replies. Where can they be bought?
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    If you are roasting beans at home. Put them in a deep roasting pan, you can use two in the oven if you have them. 325 for one hour then let them sit in the closed oven until the morning. They will be perfect!
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    They can be purchased at any health food place; but not sure that is the most cost effective :??? Call your feed dealer and ask if they have them bagged; if not a locat feed mill would probably have them. They are also used instead of corn as a deer attractant.

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    Might I ask why roasted?
  11. Thanks for the replies. :)

    I'll check the elevator and see if they have it. :)