Ringworm and hormones?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by goatkid, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Last month, my neighbors put a few cattle in the pasture near my goat yard. I have the feeling they were isolating them from the herd for a week or so, because some of my goats have gotten ringworm. I've read here that it's the old, young and weak that get stuff first, but this hasn't been the case with this. The does to get it were the milkers, most of them after they were bred. The doelings haven't gotten it except for two, who got it after they were bred. Little Snowflake, the runt kid with the neurological stuff going on hasn't had any problems with it and one would think she'd have been the first to get it. I'm wondering if there could be any hormonal thing going on thet's making some of the goats more susceptible. The goats are responding well to the topical stuff I have been using, but is there anything I can give to them to prevent more from getting it that is safe for early bred does?

    Having livestock sure makes some of us less squeamish about stuff like fungus. One of my co workers came down with ringworm recently (no, she wasn't anywhere near my goats or chore clothes). I'm sure she probably got it from a family pet. My boss kinda freaked out and was having us wear latex gloves for a day so we wouldn't get it. I guess she didn't realize fungus loves warm, moist places like sweaty hands inside those gloves. I wasn't concerned. If I haven't gotten it from the goats in all the while I've been arounf the, I doubt I'd get it from my co worker. I got it once from a cat and appear to be immune since.
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    hormones may be involved, but I'd bet its an immune sytem thing, not so much hormones themselves. Pregnancy affects the immune system, its not quite as efficient and infections are easier to catch.

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    I would guess that breeding is stressful enough to affect the immune system and make the more susceptible. I have a doe I purchased a couple weeks with it and it is clearing up Clipping it with a #40 blade seemed to make a quick difference and probably helps the sun to get to it.
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    The immune system is thought to be suppressed slightly in people so as to allow for implantation without the body rejecting the fetus as foreign. Prob the same to some degree with goats.