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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by stoneyheightsfarm, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Another question about a Christmas gift. :) I got a Rhinehardt X50 from Hoegger's as one of my gifts (we celebrate the 12 days) and it has the "regular goat tip" as opposed to the "pygmy goat tip". I'm wondering though, if the regular goat tip is even big enough. Or should it have the original cattle tip?

    Also, in reading how everyone disbuds, I'm a little confused. I may take this year's kids to the vet to be done, but I might give it a go myself if I have some bucklings... Some of you hold the iron on for about 6 seconds. Some (Tim, I think) much longer. I don't want to fry any little brains, but I also don't want to have the horn and scur issues I've dealt with this year. Does this depend any on my iron, or the electrical current coming from my house?
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    Billie surely there is another goat person in your area you could take a few kids to with your iron and pay them to teach you? Vicki

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    I also would retro fit it with a bushing like Vicki said in another thread here. How long to hold on also depends on how much pressure you are applying I count to 10 but a heafty pressure may only need 6 you want a nice amber ring. I do it twice once before and then remove the cap and then again afterwards. Maybe even your vet will show you how with your iron on a couple bucklings.
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    I have used the regular goat tip and the calf tip. I use the goat tip at 5-7 days, hold it down firmly for 10 seconds twisting back and forth and then make an "x" over top on the buck kids. This has worked fairly well. The calf tip works too...but really makes their heads look goofy where the goat tip you can hardly tell you did anything. I used the calf tip on scurs that came back. Sometimes on bucks, at least my Alpines, it's nearly impossible to get rid of everything no matter how long or how many times you burn. Some breeds I've heard it's not quite so difficult.
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    The goat tip works fine. That is what I have used for 29 years now. The only time it has been a problem is if I wait to long to do them.
    I have never had to use the cattle tip. I can see if you have an older animal that needed reburning it might be useful. But, I have not had to do that.
    I have burned pygmy babies for others and used the regular goat tip.
    The length of time you hold it on there depends on how many kids you are doing in a row. The first ones will take less time. If you let it sit a little between them they all go pretty quick.
    There is no reason that you cannot check on your progress and then put back on and continue your burn. I do it all the time to make sure I have a good copper ring. You can take it off and put it back on however many times you need to until you learn how long it takes. It just takes longer that way. Although not that much longer. After getting the good copper ring pick off the cap and burn a nice X in the middle of the horn bud with the edge of your tip. You are set to go.
    You can do it, I am sure. I hate doing it, but I just think of how much worse it is if I don't. They bounce right back after doing it and are none for the worse.