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  1. I have a set of triplet Nubians. Two does and a wether. I purchased them from a friend. She purchased them from a local breeder (I also ended up with three Alpines from this same friend who came from the same breeder, as well as our ten year old registered American Nubian doe). The breeder is still breeding goats and registering a few.
    I've had them for two years + at this point. My friend did not get papers for the two does nor the Alpines (though one was registered).
    I have not yet contacted the breeder to see if she is willing to assist (for some monetary compensation) in getting as much genetic history identified through ADGA as possible. I don't even care if they ended up with the Purebred papers they should get.
    My delimma is I have a daughter out of one and my older Nubian buck. I have not registered her yet. She will be two this year and has a daughter out of Achilles I would like to know what she will be recordable as before offering for sale.

    If I were to record/identify/whatever ADGA calls it the coming two year old and her daughter is there any chance ADGA would be willing to go back in later if I were to get some papers on the original doe to correct the other papers?
    Or should I just suck it up and contact the breeder and hold off on selling this year's doeling?
    Even if I contact her I worry the process ill take a bit sicne these original does are pushing 6 years old.
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    Please do not put anything up for sale, and sell it registered, until you take care of this paperwork mess. Call your friend and the breeder, find out yes or no. If yes go pick up the paperwork, join ADGA, transfer it all into your name....then regsiter last years kid. Then when it comes back register this years kids. Then sell the kids. If no, than register last years kids 1/2 on the sires paperwork, get that back and then register this years kids, and sell them as grades. If you don't have paperwork on the buck...sell him and get one who is purebred that does have ADGA paperwork.

    This sort of thing, not keeping up with your paperwork, putting off getting paperwork from breeders is a nitemare. And I swear the next friend of mine who has me do 2 or 3 years of paperwork for them is getting charged by the minute :) I do this each year for 1 or 2 folks.

    Roseanna, just find out and then go from there, you can even record your does as native on appearance (NOA) if you want to. But just do it. Vicki

  3. Alright, I'll just suck it up and contact her.
    She was not real kind when my younger sister was in 4-H 8 years ago. She was one of the big 4-Her cahoonas and told dad we had no business owning goats, so I worry a bit about contacting her.

    Both of my Nubian bucks are Purebred and registered, they and an NOA Alpine doe are the only animals currently in my name since I haven't bothered to register Rudy's offspring from last year yet.
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    Good, at least your bucks are registered...that is half the battle. Just ask her, people change...perhaps you just met her on a bad day, or a busy day :) Vicki