Really bad kidding season

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    I need a place to talk about what is happening at our farm. This is our first year kidding. We obtained our does in milk from various places last year. Our buck is from a proven breeder, all animals have been tested and free of Brucellosis, TB, Johnnes, CAE and CL.

    3 year old PB nubian: Last month I went I to the barn and found 3 dead kids, they were 48 days early.

    I thought we had a mineral deficiency. They never were interested in their loose mineral. So after the premature delivery I changed minerals. They seemed to love it. I have to measure out 1/4 oz each because it seemed like they would graze through as much as I put out.

    3 year old PB nubian: Friday I had a doe start labor. She was 6 days early. She had 2 live bucklings and 1 dead doeling. The doeling was in the middle of the 2 bucks. She was breech, thin and very limp...wiggly.

    3 year old AM nubian: Last night another doe started labor. She had 4 dead kids.
    First presentation: After a few hours I realized something was wrong. First kid was butt first. It's eye sockets were sunken and had a pointed mouth.
    Second presentation: butt first same features as first one.
    Third presentation: big kid, head first, front legs tucked back. Rigor-mortis seems to have set in. But it had normal features.
    Last presentation: the doe was tired and not contracting anymore but I knew there was another in there. The kid was very small, butt first, very limp with normal features.

    The doe has retained her placenta (I spent the night in the kidding pen to keep her company and to see if she passed her after birth). I'll be giving her Oxytocin later this morning.

    I am devastated. The bodies are in the barn refrigerator, I will take them to the lab on Monday so maybe we can get an idea of what the heck is going on!

    Meanwhile I have 5 more does due to kid. What was an exciting time has now turned into a nightmare.

    When I raised dairy goats previously I only had to assist once and it was successful and I didn't lose any kids in 4 years (I only had them for 4 years).
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    Good call on taking kids to the lab. So sorry you are having such a rough go of things this year. :(

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    I have had 2 calls about late term abortions in the past couple of weeks. One of them has received results back from the lab....doe positive for Toxoplasmosis and Blue Tongue. Doe aborted 4 weeks early.
    The other one is still waiting on results. This doe was 3 weeks early.

    Hopefully, sending kids, placenta and blood from the does will give you an answer.
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    Sorry you had such a rough start to kidding season:(
    Let us know what you find out after taking them to the lab.
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    Can you let me know what happened when you got the babies results back?? I am having a similar kidding season and I am freaking out.
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    KJ Farm is probably right. Please get a vet involved when you have these problems. I would like to add (though I don't think it applies her, but for anyone reading for information) some dewormers should not be given while pregnant because they can cause birth defects.