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    I feel like I should just start a new post.. :really

    Anyway.. this is day two on the Tri-Hist. Good Lord, I got a HUGE jar of it! my vet said that was all they had, but I'm glad they had any at all.. He asked what we'd been doing and so, with a deep breath, I told him.. he took it all in stride, didn't chide me for not bringing her in and told me to start her on the Banamine again after a few days off.. he said she could do 5 on and 2 off.. so...

    She had a bad day yesterday, would only eat a couple of cookies and just nibbled at the beet pulp that I bought her.. She didn't even want the tea that I had made (I had run out of chamomile) so I left her in the hay room so she could pick at what ever she wanted and left the tea out, just in case, though I think the chickens drank more of it than her.. The injections are starting to bother her (you think??) but hey! She's been at 102 degrees for 3 days now! that is a good thing right???

    Well, this morning, she actually looked at me like she wanted something from me.. so I gave her a few cookies and brought her into the milkroom.
    BTW- the cookies are made with apple pomace, rolled oats, cane molasses, brewers dried yeast, ground corn and dehydrated alfalfa. just in case you were wondering if they were chocolate chip or not :biggrin
    gave her a couple more and ran to the house to make her some tea..
    I almost started crying when she drank some, not a lot but hey! it was an improvement.! then I made her fish out more cookies from her drink.. sort of like dunking for apples, but it's not so deep as to get her nose wet, but she does get some moisture in her mouth as well as a few herbs.
    I'm having to mix the tri-Hist with probios and ball it up to get it in her mouth but it seems to be helping. yippi.
    After all that, she went out by herself to the paddock by the barn to stand in the sun. Everyone else looked at her like she was crazy, after all there was still snow on the ground. :/

    I wanted to ask.. when can/could/should I start her on feed-thru tetracycline??
    Bump.. going in to town today, & just wondered if I should pick some up.. :?
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    Stacy I split this off so Kaye or Vicki or anyone smarter than me would see it.

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    Never mind...I just went back and read the original post.

    Keep her on the Tri-Hist. If she's not had a temp in 3 days then don't give the banamine unless she starts running a fever. How many days has she gone without antibiotics?
    I personally wouldn't start the "feed-through" unless you are treating for something specific.

    Now, you are the wait and see point. Each feeding and through the day moniter her condition.
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    Is she drinking anything other than the small amount of tea? If not getting her hydrated may go a long way in making her feel better. Start working on her rumen as much as you can she can't get better if her rumen is sluggish and she is not eating.

    A vet can pull blood and give you an oxygen level, with no fever this may be as good as it will get. With no fever for 3 days the vet may want you on banamine again to keep the inflammation down in the lungs. Is she still wheezing? Mouth breathing? Panting after movement? Vicki
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    "How many days has she gone without antibiotics?"
    She's been on Tetracycline for 12 days including the shot she get tonight..

    "Is she drinking anything other than the small amount of tea?"
    Not that I have seen.. DH can bring home a couple of large bags of saline/D-5 solution.. Which would be best??

    "Start working on her rumen as much as you can she can't get better if her rumen is sluggish and she is not eating"
    She is getting Probios along with her Trihist.. and today wanted a new bale of hay.. I have to work, so it's hard to monitor her now..

    "A vet can pull blood and give you an oxygen level"
    Can I pull blood and take it in for an oxygen level?

    "Is she still wheezing? Mouth breathing? Panting after movement?"
    No wheezing and hasn't been gurgely for days.. she is still breating through her mouth and somewhat heavy. But today, she seemed more alert than she has since the beginning of the weekend.

    You know, I may have to be thankful that she was a bit on the "well conditioned" side! She's dropped 15 lbs but isn't emaciated.. thank God!

    I also want to thank you gals SO much for the help you offer.. I just don't know what I'd do on my own.. and I want to say a big thanks to Karen Bailey for suggesting the AniHist.. I really think it has helped so much. She hates eating it, but I think it has done wonders.. again, thanks to all of you!

    As an update....... this evening, I usually feed the younger does in the pellet feeder when I have my first milker in the stand. When I went to pour, Dancer (my ill doe) pushed her way through and ate! I was a little more than shocked, to say the least! She was a bit more wheezee, but drank her whole cup of tea. I even saw her squat to pee, though from my vantage point, I couldn't see if she actually peed or not..
    I do think she is somewhat dehydrated.. so my question on what best to use, saline or glucose.
    Again thanks.
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    Mine is saline with some glucose in it, same as in Hoeggers but the bags are different.

    Eating is always a good sign!

    Remember that probios does nothing for her rumen, can you steal a cud? I have no idea if blood can clot for a blood/oxy level, it's always done immediatly at the office.

    I bet she really improves when not dehydrated. Vicki