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    So if I wanted to use raw milk, what kind of tests should I have done on my goats? I have been pasteurising my milk for my children but I like the taste of the raw milk better. On that note, I am pasteurising by bringing it to 165 for 15 sec ( I forget where I read that but had it written down) and I find that it doesn't seem to keep as well as my raw milk, separates more, and the flavour just seems a little off. Am I cooking it wrong? Thanks.
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    This is a really hard one to answer. When I fed milk to the infants I watched or to my grandkids, I either pasteurized it for bottles, or would go out specifically and milk someone I knew well, like Mica, who I raised from an infant. It's hard when you are new to goats, have sketchy histories of the goats or are not adept at picking up symptoms of disease in the does until they are really ill. Most does are still on the milstring as they have advanced symptoms of listerosis, which can infect us. Q fever is another thing, most don't do an abortion panel, I know I do and would especially if I was selling milk or using milk from my goats when pregnant and nursing or thinking about getting pregnant.

    Pasteurising will only protect the very young and the very old or those with weaken immune systems to a point.

    Raw milk is always best, and you can tell this just in the act of pasteuising, it does affect the milk even heating only to 165 for 15 seconds and chilling quickly. The milk doesn't last, goes 'bad' faster and tastes cooked.

    There will be lots of advice, in the end you simply have to make your own decisions on what you are comfortable doing or not doing for your family or customers. I won't sell raw milk to a new mom without her getting my speal first, nor even the raw honey I sell. vicki

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    If you are clean when you milk , the doe is clean and then you strain into clean jars and cool really fast you are good to go.

    If you would feel better have the milk tested and the doe tested go for it .test for everything you can this year . Look in goat keeping 101 for the labs you can send blood and also milk to be tested.

    I drink raw milk and only raw . I have a weakened immune system . I have Lupus. If anyone should get sick it is me . I also have a friend with Lupus who did not require hospital stays until she stopped drinking raw milk . Since I have been drinking more milk and also kefir I have not been on antibiotics. the kids have brought home tons of bugs from school but I have not caught any this year {knock on wood}.

    The decission is personal and you have to do what you are comfortable with and what you feel is best for your family.