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  1. Here is a copy of an e-mail I received regarding recent raw milk legislation in Missouri. To any Missouri residents interested in keeping sales of raw milk legal and hassle free, please e-mail or call! Thanks!

    As many of you know, Rep. Belinda Harris has filed her ‘raw milk’ legislation; the bill number is HB 1901.

    We are now trying to get the bill assigned to a committee. It would be greatly appreciated if you and the raw milk supporters that you know could call or email Speaker Rod Jetton’s office to request that HB 1901 be assigned to a committee. Rep. Jetton is the Speaker of the house and the individual who assigns all bills to the various committees.

    Please try to call or email by Thursday, Feb. 7th in the afternoon (by 2:00pm), that is when bills be assigned to committees again this week.

    Speaker Jetton’s office number is (573)751-5912, his email is [email protected]

    Your support is appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Margaret Neumann

    Legislative Assistant to

    Rep. Belinda Harris

    District 110

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    I'm not a very political person. Could you possibly draft a "generic" type message that we could send in support. Sorry...braindead.

  3. If you want to make the phone call, which I haven't done "yet", I was told that it takes less than 1 minute and all you are doing is asking them (basically the person who is going to answer the phone) to assign HB 1901 to a committee. That's all.


    Speaker Rod Jetton:

    I am requesting that you assign HB 1901 to a committee.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

    Something very basic like that is all it needs!
  4. Actually, I did just make the phone call....maybe 30 seconds...they ask which bill you want assigned to a committee and which area you are from. Then say they will let the speaker now. Thanks, bye.
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    they didn't even ask where I was from. I called, lady answered and said "Rod Jetton’s office"(or something like that), I said "I would like HB 1901 to be assigned a committee" she said "I'll mark it down" and we both said "thank you" and hung up. took maybe 15 seconds.