question regarding stillborn kids' sacs-- copper question, really

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    I've been mulling over last week's stillborn quad kids.

    I noticed the sac was real tough on one or two of the kids-- that got me thinking about copper. isn't that one of the symptoms of deficiency?) I've never had stillborn kids before, are they usually in a tough sac?

    One of my bucks' legs is recentl bent too... so that leads me to believe i have a bad copper deificiency. This is a recent occurence. I'd noticed fish-tails before, and bolused in the Fall, albeit I was cautious because I didn't want to over do it. So I dosed about half the recommended rates. I also bo-se'd.
    I have free choice minerals out that have a good amount of copper-- can't recall the exact number, but i believe it was 1200 ppm . The bucks do not eat their minerals, so i'm not surprised that they are showing abigger problem than the does.
    I worm with Ivermectin, and Ivermectin plus. Probably don't have as good of a handle on it as I'd like, not too familiar with doing my own fecals-- gonna learn this week-end at the dairy goat conference.

    Just wondering mainly about the tough sacks, and any help getting my mineral/ deworming program figured out would be great. I do have a lot of iron in my water, but the goats get it after it's filtered.

    Thank you,