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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by cindy, Sep 25, 2008.

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    We are in the midst of a soremouth outbreak, and I have a question. I know that the virus is contagious to humans. A lot of my gals have lesions on their teats. I want to make soap with the milk and cajeta. Does heat kill the virus? What temp? Will the lye kill the virus? I would hate to make soap and give people soremouth! Thanks in advance, from Cindy Hoehne
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    Hi Cindy

    Yes I believe it is contangious to people by direct contact. I don't know about by milk though. I would not worry about the soap because I don't think the virus will live through the lye. At least I would be suprised if it did. Hopefully someone can give you info about the cajeta.

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    OH I would use it for soap but not for cajeta or anything your going to eat. mainly because you just don't know. The heat should kill it but why take the chance.
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    What temp is your soap really reaching? It's not as if you let the lye boil the milk. I would boil the milk before I used it for anything, including soaping.

    Make sure you give bo-se shots and if you bolus do so now. You want to boost that immune system as much as possible during this virus.

    Don't bother with antibiotics and all the other nonsense unless you see secondary infection.

    Get some chlorhexideen from your vet, it not only will dry up the lesions and keep secondary bacteria out, it will also keep the skin moisturised and keep the teats and lips from cracking and bleeding.

    Wear gloves. Vicki