Quads -All DOES!!!

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Shykid Acres, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    I had to share something that I recently read on another forum. It was VERY encouraging. This person excitedly writes that their doe just had Quadruplets and ALL of them were does! Cool huh? Yippee. I hope that rubs off on the rest of us.

  2. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    yep that is nice had that two years ago here. hope it happens again

  3. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    I think if that happens to me this time, my first time, I'd faint! :lol

  4. goatkid

    goatkid New Member

    I'd be really surprised if your little Alpine has quads this freshening. Does bred as young as her usually have one or two kids. I'm hoping for you that she has doe kids. Kathie
  5. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Thanks Kathy. I hope she has does too, at least one. One would be good for the both of us. I know she won't have quads. But IF she did I think I would faint. :lol Or maybe just go crazy! :crazy
  6. SherrieC

    SherrieC Active Member

    crikey! you were all is my doe preggars and now you post quad does! you had me going "what?" lol!
  7. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    :biggrin LOL... Sorry you thought it was me. I just thought quad doelings was an awesome news event worthy to share. I don't think it happens very often.
  8. KJFarm

    KJFarm Senior Member

    I sold a bred Nubian doe in 2006 who kidded with quints and all were does!!! Now if I had kept her, she probably would have had bucks :lol
  9. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    QUINTS AND ALL DOES....? oH...OH MY! :faint Wow. Was she a standard-size breed. I'm amazed. :D
  10. BlissBerry

    BlissBerry Guest

    We've only ever had one set of quints. Our 2002 Spotlight Sale purchase, GCH Lakeshore Farms Just-Tina 5*M freshened with quints as a first freshening 2 year-old. All were happy and healthy and 5+ pounds. I only expected twins out of her that year and after the first 2 were born she popped out 3 more. :D

    We routinely have several sets of quads each year. Many from first fresheners. We've also had yearlings freshen with quads but it is not something that you want. It just takes too much out of them. This year we've already had one set of quads out of a doe who has only had twins and triplets in the past. She did this as an 8 year-old. I guess that's not too surprising as her dam freshened with quads as a 10 year-old last year. :D Gotta love those older does!

    Good luck with your upcoming kiddings.

  11. MayLOC

    MayLOC New Member

    last yr. we had two nubians quad; one had all does, the other 3 does/1 buck. THis yr. so far had two saanens kid with twins; much much bigger kids. Liked those little nubian multiples.
  12. Melissa

    Melissa New Member

    yea, I tell people that nubians are more likely to have "litters" lol.

  13. Tim Pruitt

    Tim Pruitt New Member

    No quints ever here in all of my years of goat keeping. Quads yes! Usually a set of quad every year at least. From my experience the most common births are twins then triplets, after that singles and then quads.
  14. KJFarm

    KJFarm Senior Member

    We've had several sets of quints through the years. About 4 years ago, I had an 8 year old Alpine that had 4 does and 1 buck - all survived. I can remember when I was a teenager, my mother had a Nubian that had 6 kids, all does, but we lost them all and the doe too. When we were out shopping for Boer goats several years back, we went out to a place not far from us, and this guy had a Boer doe that had 6 kids, but only a couple of them survived - due to real poor management, I might add. I really like just having twins and triplets, myself!!!
  15. Shykid Acres

    Shykid Acres Guest

    Sara, you said, "We routinely have several sets of quads each year. Many from first fresheners."
    I have a first-freshener Alpine. She's due in March. If she had quads I think I'd wet my pants.